Europe General and Freelance Consultants Security

Offers a range of services based on risk assessments. Located in the Netherlands. [Site may not work in all browsers]

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  • Acctis Enterprise Security - Provides a enterprise security management services and products, general and freelance including BS7799 consulting, security intelligence and auditing.
  • Ministry of Data - Provides services in the areas of IT security, business continuity general and freelance and disaster recovery. Offices in both England and Portugal.
  • Norman Data Defense Systems - Specializes in data security solutions, access control, virus control and consultants firewalls. Also provides general data security analysis and consultancy.
  • Yantrax BVBA - Offers consultancy and auditing services, software tools, and consultants resources.
  • Emmera - An independent Belgian company, specialising in consultancy and installation of consultants solutions regarding informatics. [Requires Flash plugin]
  • Secure Information HighWay - Located in Greece providing secure network consulting, penetration testing and custom programming.
  • Scanit - Provides vulnerability assessment and security auditing services in consultants Belgium.
  • Inter-Networking (Switzerland) AG - Specializing in integrated communication and security solutions for the intranet, europe remote access, and extranet.
  • IT Works SA - Provides security, storage, networking, and system consulting. Located europe in Luxembourg.
  • AEXIS Security Consultants - Provides consultancy services and tools for information security, europe especially for general and freelance risk assessment and risk management in europe the context of ISO/IEC general and freelance 17799 and BS 7799-2.
  • Obit - Security specialists from the Netherlands.
  • 3W - Provides security audits, firewalls, secure VPN\\'s, anti-virus software, security policy europe and administration, implementation, encryption software, vulnerability scans.
  • Kerberus - 0ffers security solutions and audits, tailored strategies to general and freelance consultants individual requirements. Based in Russia.
  • S.W.I.S. Group - Consultants for analysis, strategy and implementation of secure data systems.
  • BSM Business Security Management - Specialises in ICT security management; assist in drawing europe up protection consultants plans, implementing tests and rolling out europe security measures.
  • Secardeo - Provides security consultive services and solutions for e-commerce. Located in europe Germany.
  • Njama - Offers a range of services based on risk assessments. Located general and freelance in the Netherlands. [Site may not work in all browsers]
  • xpd systems ab - Independent security consulting and research firm focused on perimeter security general and freelance solutions.
  • Baker Security and Networks - An Ireland based company specialising in information technology general and freelance infrastructure and management services using secure Internet technologies.

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