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Create and manage a number of encrypted disk volumes. Runs under both DOS and Windows 9x. Not updated since '96

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  • PGP - PGP products keep your confidential information secure.
  • Clemens Fruhwirth - Project developing a hard disk encryption system using hard disk encryption LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup).
  • Aiko Solutions Ltd. - SecuBox software provides AES disk encryption for Smartphones products and tools and Pocket PCs.
  • CryptArchiver - A disk encryption system supporting a less conventional hard disk encryption cryptography user interface, and means of managing encrypted disk hard disk encryption cryptography images
  • TurboCrypt - Creates encrypted disk drives which can be mounted hard disk encryption hard disk encryption at any time.
  • CryptDisk.4h - It is a virtual disk based encryption tool that runs products and tools under Windows. CryptDisk.4h uses a file as virtual logic drive products and tools and mounts it as a real one.
  • Bosanova Inc. - Storage encryption hardware appliances which provide security for back-up data cryptography and integrated security solutions for any platform.
  • Data Encryption Systems - Sells software protection devices, copy protection, license management and encryption technology and anti-piracy solutions.
  • Sentry 2020 for Windows XP/W2K/NT - The first security system that protects volumes, files, hard disk encryption folders and programs quickly and easily
  • SafeBit - SafeBit features military strength on-the-fly AES encryption, by products and tools hard disk encryption creating virtual disk drives, where you can hide products and tools hard disk encryption files and folders.
  • Real-Time Hardware IDE/SATA encryption - Enova Technology specializes in developing,manufacturing and marketing real-time hard disk products and tools encryption chipset.
  • SafeHouse - Free and commercial file encryption software for hard hard disk encryption products and tools drives and memory sticks, including products for both hard disk encryption products and tools business and personal use. Windows.
  • Tiasoft Security software - Encryption application that supports encrypted logical drives.
  • FreeOTFE - Free "on-the-fly" transparent disk encryption program for both PCs and PDAs, allowing the creation of one or more encrypted "virtual disks". Offers features and full source code.
  • SpyProof! - Disk drive that automatically encrypts all data blocks products and tools cryptography written to it and then transparently decrypts them products and tools cryptography for any application, if logged in. Once logged products and tools cryptography out, the special disks are completely unreadable by products and tools cryptography unauthorized users and thieves.
  • CrossCrypt - One of the few open source disk encryption systems. This products and tools system also supports mounting Linux encrypted disk images
  • Alertsec - Web-based service to deploy and administer Pointsec disk hard disk encryption encryption software on customer PCs.
  • Secure Drive 1.4 - Dos TSR program that can encrypt both floppy cryptography and hard products and tools disk partitions. Compatible with PGP 2.x cryptography keyfles. I have products and tools used this and it cryptography works great. Unfortunately it doesn\\'t look products and tools like the cryptography programmer has made any enhancements to it for products and tools cryptography a while.
  • GDI Technology, Inc. - Real-time hard drive encryption kits external TV box.
  • SafeBoot Security System - Control Break provides encryption and security tools which cryptography are both cryptography secure, and easy to administer - cryptography designed primarily for the cryptography large enterprise, they also cryptography offer a range of consumer versions.
  • TrueCrypt - TrueCrypt can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a real disk. It can also encrypt an entire hard disk partition or storage device. Supports plausible deniability. Open source.
  • CyProtect Disk Encryption - Polymorphic on-the-fly harddisk encryption developed by CyProtect AG. hard disk encryption hard disk encryption Easy to use and 100% secure. It is hard disk encryption hard disk encryption possible to encrypt your data on external (USB hard disk encryption hard disk encryption or Firewire) and internal harddisks.
  • Secure FileSystem (SFS) for DOS/Windows - Create and manage a number of encrypted disk hard disk encryption volumes. Runs under both DOS and Windows 9x. hard disk encryption Not updated since '96
  • ScramDisk - A hard drive encryption program that runs under hard disk encryption Windows 95 and 98 and provides a number hard disk encryption of high security ciphers including 3DES, Blowfish and hard disk encryption IDEA.
  • PGPDisk v6.0.2i - As of version 6.5, PGPdisk is not longer cryptography included with hard disk encryption the freeware versions. If you want cryptography PGPdisk 6.5 or later, hard disk encryption you are required to cryptography buy one of the commercial versions. hard disk encryption However, v6.0.2i cryptography is available here in both mac and pc hard disk encryption cryptography versions.
  • Stonewood Flagstone - Supplier of encrypted hard drives from 30-120 Gb products and tools including FIPS 140-2 certified devices.
  • The CryptoGraphic Disk Driver - Short description of The CryptoGraphic Disk Driver (CGD) hard disk encryption for NetBSD and a reference to the FREENIX hard disk encryption paper written about it.
  • DriveCrypt - real time - hard disk encryption - 1344 Bit, Military strong, transparent real time Hard products and tools hard disk encryption Disk encryption.
  • Secure Systems Limited - Supplier of Silicon Data Vault encryption device that connects into the IDE cable and requires a password at boot time to decrypt the hard drive. Uses 128-bit AES and is designed to meet FIPS 140-2.
  • WinCrypto LLC - Creates encrypted volume within a file or partition hard disk encryption products and tools on a hard drive or any external data hard disk encryption products and tools storage device and then mount it as a hard disk encryption products and tools real disk.

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