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See Also:
  • Stunnel - A GNU program allowing to encrypt arbitrary TCP security connections inside Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • OpenBSD VPN Mini-FAQ - IPSec VPN configuration information.
  • Point to Point Protocol Extensions Working Group (PPPEXT ) - An IETF group working on PPP's extensions.
  • VPN-Protocols - Technologies used for creating secure VPNs. Various standards security and protocols virtual private networks listed with links to related RFCs.
  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol - PPTP technical specification by 3Com.
  • PPTP Crack - Counterpane Systems has exposed insecurities in Microsoft\\'s Point to Point protocols Tunneling Protocol.
  • NIST Cerberus - An IPsec reference implementation for Linux.
  • PoPToP - PPTP server solution for Linux. Includes downloads, documentation security and news.
  • PPTP Client - A Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD client for the security Microsoft Point-to-Point protocols Tunneling Protocol.

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