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Freeware - A make replacement written in Perl featuring MD5 file content and build signatures, dependency scanning, viewpathing for source and derived files, multidirectory builds, and Perl build actions.

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  • Sham - Freeware - A tiny command-line prefix tool that can track build management dependencies for a file automatically without the need for a build management Makefile.
  • TrMake - Open Source - A modular makefile system for multi-platform C++ development in Unix environment using GNU make 3.80 or higher, featuring modular makefiles and transparent handling of dependencies and sources of multiple projects.
  • Odin - Freeware - A make replacement featuring dependency scanning, viewpaths, distributed software rsh execution, cached derived files, variant builds, conditional directives, and software an Odin rule language.
  • KJam - A make replacement based on Jam, with more make tools powerful make tools features than the original Jam. Features dependency make tools scanning, per-target make tools viewpathing, and control flow. Distributes builds make tools across multiple cluster make tools machines for faster builds.
  • Boost Build - Freeware - A Make replacement with a simple and high-level target language. It supports build variants, and several different compilers and tools.
  • Build - Open Source - A software build system implemented on top software of GNU make featuring position-independent non-recursive multi-makefile include-based structure, complete software inter-project dependency tracking, and extensible translator framework.
  • PVM GNU Make - Freeware - A modified GNU make that uses the Oakridge PVM Parallel Virtual Machine to perform parallel distributed builds.
  • PBS - Open Source - A Make replacement written in Perl featuring hierarchical builds, dependency graph node triggers, no built in rules, PBS/Perl syntax for PBSfiles, a Perl API for the system, and shell or Perl build actions.
  • Jam - Freeware - A make replacement featuring dependency scanning, software per-target viewpathing, software parallel threads, multiple platforms, variant builds, software and control flow statements software in the Jam description software language.
  • Jmk - Freeware - A make program written in Java, featuring a traditional make description language and shell command target actions.
  • Nmake - Lucent - Features dependency scanning, viewpaths, parallel and software distributed rsh execution, a coshell, compiled makefiles, C software preprocessor, variable editing, and a powerful Make rule software language.
  • Opus Make - Opus - A multiplatform make featuring dependency scanning, suffix-specific viewpaths, software extended command and macro modifiers, CPP preprocessor directives, and iterators software in the Make rule language.
  • ElectricAccelerator - Electric Cloud - A make replacement that distributes builds across build management multiple cluster machines for faster builds. Features automatic code dependency build management detection (and correction in some cases), and plug-compatibility with GNU build management Make and Nmake.
  • A-A-P - Open Source - A-A-P is an experimental make build management tool. Features include a special AAP makefile build management syntax, automated dependency support for Unix C programs, build management and a GUI interface written in Python.
  • SCons - Freeware - A make replacement like Cons, written software in Python make tools and featuring MD5 file signatures, dependency software scanning, parallel build threads, make tools viewpathing, multidirectory builds, and software Python build actions.
  • Cook - Freeware - A make replacement featuring file fingerprints, software dependency scanning, viewpathing, parallel threads, distributed rsh builds, software cross compiling, and build actions in the "cook" software description language.
  • GNU Make - Freeware - A make program featuring pattern-matched viewpaths, parallel threads, multiple platforms, conditional directives, makefile regeneration, and an advanced Make description language.
  • NAnt - Freeware - Not Ant is like Ant, but make tools uses make tools C# and .NET technologies.
  • SMK - Freeware - A make replacement, written in Python software featuring global dependencies view, extensible dependency scanning, parallel software build threads, multidirectory builds, automatic cleaning and extensibility software via Python classes.
  • Cons - Freeware - A make replacement written in Perl featuring MD5 file content and build signatures, dependency scanning, viewpathing for source and derived files, multidirectory builds, and Perl build actions.

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