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Business to business solutions for managing facilities service delivery, IT service delivery, telecom service delivery and e-commerce service delivery that includes Service Supply Chains, outsourcing coordination, Business to business relationship manag

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  • Vinimaya - Comparison shopping agents and search enabled B2B directories.
  • BEA Systems - Suppliers of service oriented architecture (SOA) software, including BEA WebLogicâ„¢ business-to-business and AquaLogicâ„¢ services, processes, and composite applications management.
  • Celosis - Business to business solutions for managing facilities service e-commerce delivery, IT business-to-business service delivery, telecom service delivery and e-commerce e-commerce service delivery that business-to-business includes Service Supply Chains, e-commerce outsourcing coordination, Business to business-to-business business relationship e-commerce manag
  • ECNet - A business-to-business network; helps registered users manage their e-commerce supply and business-to-business logistics needs
  • Framework Technologies - Project execution decision support software, helping manufacturing and business AEC companies.
  • Transora - Software and services to facilitate trade among manufacturers, business suppliers, and retailers.
  • Upside Software - Web-based solutions for incoming and outgoing billing, contract management and business expense claims.
  • Vitria Technology, Inc. - eBusiness platform for automating cross-enterprise business processes. It business meets the business four critical platform requirements, which are business Business Process Management (BPM), business Business-to-Business Communications (B2B), Enterprise business Application Integration (EAI), and
  • US Interactive - Digital marketing, technology systems integration, and management consulting for e-commerce.
  • Group 8760 - E-commerce solutions and infrastructure for transactions over the Internet. Group 8760 acts as an Inside Agent for its customers.
  • Frontstep - B2B e-business solutions for midsize companies, including an e-commerce integrated suite of B2B e-business software products, ASP e-commerce hosting, trading exchange access, Web site development and e-commerce design, marketing services and e-business strategy implementation. The e-commerce eStep
  • Kinaxis Inc. - Offers supply chain management products for manufacturing businesses.
  • Net Commerce Corporation - Empowers small-to-medium sized businesses and public sector customers to reap the benefits of e-commerce without significant capital investment or technical risk by becoming members of the Net Commerce ExchangeTM, a business-to-business commerce portal po
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server - Business process integration platform that supports building XML business schema, schema e-commerce transformation, establishing trading partner relationships over business the Internet, and tracking e-commerce and analyzing data and business documents that are exchanged. By Microsoft e-commerce Corporation.
  • SynQuest - Helps traditional and dotcom companies profitably manage the total supply e-commerce chain, through real-time management capabilities. Their products help companies e-commerce improve responsiveness for each and every customer order and provide e-commerce the best financial answer to cu
  • Callidus Software - Provides enterprise software applications that automate management of business "marketplace pay-for-performance" programs used to drive corporate revenues. business By using pay-for-performance inside and outside a company business to drive revenues while managing costs,
  • AlphaBlox - A Web-based platform for eBusiness analysis applications that enable companies to analyze and share information with customers, partners and suppliers to foster more profitable relationships and improve eBusiness performance.
  • Imany Inc. - A supplier of Internet-enabled business-to-business financial settlement solutions. The software business empowers companies to manage promotional trade funds and invoice deductions, business as well as accounts receivable and collections management.
  • FreeMarkets - Produce customized business-to-business online auctions for buyers of industrial parts, raw materials and commodities.
  • EFT for Windows Software - Electronic funds transfer software for Windows.
  • SoftCo eBuyer - Provides a single integrated environment in which organizations business-to-business can automate and manage the purchasing function, addressing business-to-business the entire procurement cycle from item selection to business-to-business goods receipt.
  • Voxa - Provides software to allow a business to automatically include web business-to-business enabled applications from partner sites its ERP workflows.

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