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e-business solutions designed to help Global 2000 corporations implement multichannel e-business, which integrates Web and traditional business channels. Multichannel enterprises can form new, hybrid channels that deliver better customer service at lower

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  • Trilogy Software, Inc. - e-business solutions designed to help Global 2000 corporations e-commerce implement multichannel business-to-business e-business, which integrates Web and traditional e-commerce business channels. Multichannel enterprises business-to-business can form new, hybrid e-commerce channels that deliver better customer service business-to-business at lower
  • Click Commerce - Provide members of a business partner with real-time business-to-business access to products, services, information. Helps in making business-to-business informed business decisions.
  • Maxager Technology - Sell- side business-to-business software solution that enables manufacturers business-to-business to bid e-commerce most profitability in real-time environments. By business-to-business concentrating sales and marketing e-commerce efforts on the products business-to-business that generate the highest profit per e-commerce minute, and business-to-business focusing produc
  • Flexbiz Corporation - Industrial strength B2B e-commerce to streamline business and e-commerce win new sell-side accounts. With the Flexbiz online catalog/ordering e-commerce solution you gain essential sell-side features including RFQs, contract e-commerce pricing, and order tracking.
  • Selectica - e-Commerce, configurators, build to order, sales force automation. e-commerce Builds e-commerce configurators for Sales Force Automation(SFA), BTO, e-commerce ecommerce systems allowing customers e-commerce to configure, price and e-commerce order complex products via the Internet.
  • Comergent - The Comergent Distributed E-Business System is a suite of enterprise e-commerce applications enabling sell-side B2B collaborative commerce. Aims to sell products e-commerce and services to customers through any channel, including direct, indirect, e-commerce and net marketplaces.
  • Roundhill Technologies - Provides a complete B2B sell-side eCommerce software application business-to-business designed for sell-side rapid and affordable implementation, for mid-sized business-to-business distributors and manufacturers.
  • Software One, Inc. - business-to-business Internet commerce solution for mid-size manufacturers and distributors. business-to-business Created specifically for the electronics, industrial and automotive parts industries.
  • OrderWare Solutions - Provider of distributed order management and data integration sell-side solutions worldwide. e-commerce Company information, industry solutions, demos, brochures, sell-side white papers and case e-commerce studies.

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