Free Bug Tracking Configuration Management Software

Free web-based bug tracking, ticketing and project resource tracking system. Designed to meet the requirements of most Information Technology, Consulting and Engineering projects.

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  • Bug-A-Boo - An open source bug tracking system running on any web configuration management server allowing the execution of tdbengine binaries. It is distributed configuration management under the terms of the GPL.
  • BugNET - Open source issue tracking and project issue management solution built free using the ASP.NET web application framework. Features e-mail notifications, reporting free and per project configuration of fields and values.
  • Bugdar - Open source PHP-MySQL bug tracking system that has customizable CSS/XHTML configuration management templates, e-mail notifications, Atom syndication and internationalization support.
  • Bugs Online - A free (GPL) bug tracking system for use with Microsoft configuration management IIS, Access and ASP.
  • Bugzilla - Bug tracking used by the Mozilla projects. Inherently bug tracking web-based, configuration management written in Perl, and uses MySQL as bug tracking its database configuration management back-end. Open-Source. Updates available via CVS.
  • Keystone - Data stored in a SQL database, accessed by free any Web bug tracking browser which understands forms, tables, and free cookies. By StoneKeep consulting. bug tracking Free for under 10 free users.
  • RT: Request Tracker - A free web and email-based bug tracking and trouble ticketing free system. Features list, documentation screen shots, and download.
  • Bug-Buddy - A graphical bug reporting utility for GNOME. It allows users bug tracking to easily make quality bug reports.
  • Mantis - php/MySQL/web based bugtracking system.
  • Flyspray - Open source, web based bug tracking system written bug tracking with bug tracking a focus on ease of use.
  • WREQ - Work Request, a distributed request/problem tracking system, written configuration management in configuration management Perl 5. Access by Web or email.
  • BugzillaMetrics - A tool for metric evaluation for Bugzilla databases. Its main characteristics are the specification of metrics by the users, separation between these specifications and data retrieval, an event driven algorithm and an abstraction of data sources.
  • IssueTrackerProduct - Open-source web-based issue/bug tracker, written in Python.
  • GIFFT - Web based bug tracking system running on Windows, free Linux, Unix bug tracking as a CGI for Apache or free other web server.
  • Agstools - BugTrack, simple free bugtracking system based on perl5 and any DBI compliant database.
  • VSBT: Very Simple Bug Tracking - A simple bug tracking system designed for individual developers or small groups, released under the GNU General Public License.
  • Roundup - A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, bug tracking web free and e-mail interfaces.
  • phpBugTracker - A web-based bug tracking system built in PHP.
  • eTraxis - Open source web-based bug tracking system written on PHP, provides configuration management features such as custom templates, advanced filters, LDAP support, email configuration management notifications and graphical project metrics.
  • Teamatic - Free web-based bug tracking, ticketing and project resource free tracking system. free Designed to meet the requirements of free most Information Technology, Consulting free and Engineering projects.
  • Debian Bug Tracking Software - GPL\\'d Perl-5 scripts which maintain a database of problem reports. Input by email, listings via webserver.
  • BugTracker.NET - Opensource web-based bug tracker written using ASP.NET and free C#.
  • JitterBug - A web based bug tracking system, originally developed by the configuration management Samba Team to handle bug tracking, problem reports and queries, configuration management now available under the GNU General Public License. Operates configuration management like a communal Web based email system - no database configuration management back end requir
  • Trac - Web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. bug tracking Provides bug tracking an interface to Subversion and an integrated bug tracking wiki.

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