Bug Tracking Configuration Management Software

Software development and support suite (bug tracking, call tracking, time tracking) for software and consulting companies. Windows and web browser based.

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See Also:
  • TestTrack Pro - Bug and defect tracking software for Windows, Mac bug tracking OS bug tracking X, Linux and Solaris.(Seapine Software, Inc.)
  • GNATS: GNU Bug Tracking System home page - A portable incident/bug report/help request-tracking system which runs bug tracking on software UNIX-like operating systems. It easily bug tracking handles software thousands of problem reports, has been bug tracking in wide use software since the early 90s, and bug tracking can do most of software its operations over e-mail. bug tracking Several f
  • WebPTS - Online software error tracking system. Features include - bug tracking knowledge-base, attachments, customization. Encrypted access available.
  • Legendsoft Spots - A web-based service order and defect tracking system for software development organizations and IT help desks.
  • CustomerFirst - Bug tracking and CRM software enables customer-service agents to provide bug tracking support via phone, Web, or email. Tracks customer profiles.
  • Fast BugTrack - A web-based platform independent bug tracking system.
  • ExtraView - Web-based bug tracking with Web API, command line bug tracking and configuration management development workflow engine.
  • icTracker - Web-based bug tracking, task management, and project management configuration management software from IC Soft, Inc.
  • RMTrack Bug Tracking - A web-based bug tracking, issue tracking, and defect configuration management tracking and management application. Downloadable. Free 30-day trial.
  • JIRA - Browser-based bug, issue, task and defect tracking system, software and project management software solution used for open software source and enterprise projects. (Atlassian Software Systems)
  • PointInSight: - Issue management system with collaborative teamwork and integrated communication.
  • Bugopolis Bug Station - Easy to install and use standalone server appliances based on software open source software.
  • ProblemTracker - A Web-based tool for bug tracking, defect tracking, configuration management issue software tracking, help desk, and automated support. By configuration management NetResults Corporation.
  • FogBUGZ - Web-based bug tracking system.
  • Advanced Defect Tracking - Designed for small and large software companies to configuration management simplify software their feature development, bug tracking and helpdesk configuration management support. (Borderwave software Software)
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest - A defect and change tracking system that captures bug tracking and manages all types of change requests throughout bug tracking the development lifecycle.
  • BUGtrack - Web based defect tracking system.
  • Software Planner - Manages all phases of the software lifecycle.  It bug tracking includes software all the Defect Tracker features in addition bug tracking to managing software discussions, appointments / to-do lists, project bug tracking tasks and contacts. software (Pragmatic Software Company, Inc.)
  • OmniTracker - Customizable workflow tool for bug tracking, quality assurance, software help desks software and call centers.
  • TrackWise - Customizable bug and defect tracking software. (Sparta Systems, Inc.)
  • Bugzero - Web-based cross-platform bug tracking system supporting multiple projects, bug tracking role-based software access, automatic bug-assignment, file attachment, e-mail notification, bug tracking metric reports software and workflow.
  • IssueView - Configurable Windows software for tracking defects, bugs, helpdesk configuration management calls, and knowledge base articles.
  • Razor - Configuration management system providing process management, issue/problem tracking, version control, bug tracking and release management.
  • Issue Organizer - Easy to use web-based bug tracking software. Pricing is not configuration management based on number of users. (Solid Graphics)
  • Defect Agent - Defect Agent is a defect tracking software for bug tracking software development teams. (Inborne Technology Corporation)
  • SWBTracker - Bug tracking and defect management software for Windows. software By Software software with Brains, Inc.
  • BugAware - Web based bug tracking system and help desk configuration management solution for the company intranet. Features include email configuration management alerts, advanced reporting, team management and custom fields.
  • IssueNet Intercept - A customizable bug tracking system and help desk with integrations to Visual Studio, VSS, Outlook, and MS Project.
  • Tiera Software Defect Manager - Software development and support suite (bug tracking, call tracking, time bug tracking tracking) for software and consulting companies. Windows and web browser bug tracking based.
  • MetaQuest Software, Inc. - Census - A customizable bug tracking tool. Includes VSS integration, configuration management notifications, configuration management workflow, reporting and change history.
  • PR-Tracker - Bug tracking system for software project management, advanced software features, easy setup, integrated network and web versions.
  • Smarttracker - General purpose, scalable issue tracking software which comes with built-in bug tracking templates for software defect tracking.
  • Radar - Web based solution that helps an organization to track, communicate, resolve and analyze defects in a software lifecycle, employing the Review Based Model that follows the CMM principles.
  • Avensoft Bug Tracker Server - Web based bug tracking software. Uses an MS software Access, MS software SQL Server, or Oracle database on software Win32, sets up as software Web server. Users go software to this website to submit and software keep track software of bugs.
  • New Fire Software - Defect Tracking software and recruiting software.
  • QuickBugs - A tool for tracking bugs, issues, changes and configuration management new features involved in product development.

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