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RCS is the Revision Control System, a popular Unix command line system of version control, later migrated to other platforms and given graphic user interfaces. It also controls the actual deltas, changes, of text files, in CVS, the Concurrent Versions System. It is usually cited as introduced by Walter F. Tichy in Software Practice and Experience, July 1985.

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See Also:
  • RCS Tutorial - the Revision Control System - Frames-based short HTML online tutorial, by David L. configuration management Spencer.
  • GNU RCS - The GNU Revision Control System, a popular free configuration management SCM tools tool on the UNIX platforms.
  • Purdue RCS Development - Contains UNIX, Windows and DOS distribution files and revision control system revision control system source, contributed software, support, and documentation.
  • CS-RCS - Inexpensive graphical RCS for Windows 95/NT, free for configuration management individuals, configuration management includes free standalone CSDiff. (ComponentSoftware)
  • Walter F. Tichy's Home Page - Professor of Computer Science at the University Karlsruhe, revision control system tools Germany, creator of RCS. Some pages in English, revision control system tools some in German, including two talks on software revision control system tools configuration management.
  • RCE: the Revision Control Engine - Designated successor to RCS. Offers VRCE, Java based graphic revision control system user interface, and Byte Differencing Engine, efficient delta revision storage revision control system that supports all data types. API enables integration into any revision control system electronic data management system.

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