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writeup for web developers, project managers, and cvs administrators. documents the integration of cvs into web quality assurance for commercial web development. Search engine of other cvs information available on the web.

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CVS Home* - Home of CVS development, the code (source and binaries), documentation, third party add-ons, news, links.

  • Introduction to CVS - A slideshow introducing CVS.
  • StatCvs - Generates statistics for a CVS repository, including lines configuration management of configuration management code graphs, developer activity, commit log. Output configuration management is HTML configuration management and PNG.
  • CVSDude - Free cvs source code hosting with *nix command concurrent versions system concurrent versions system line access or use any other client cvs concurrent versions system concurrent versions system tools for windows or *nix. Add as many concurrent versions system concurrent versions system projects as your wish and multiple accounts for concurrent versions system concurrent versions system the one project.
  • Managing Websites Using Unix - Setting up sites with CVS.
  • CVS version control for web development - writeup for web developers, project managers, and cvs configuration management administrators. documents the integration of cvs into web configuration management quality assurance for commercial web development. Search engine configuration management of other cvs information available on the web.
  • Cvsplot - Cvsplot is used for collecting statistics from CVS controlled files. concurrent versions system Simple statistics such as how the total number of files concurrent versions system and lines of code change against time.
  • cvs2rss - Generate a changelog of CVS checkins as RSS.
  • CVSToys - CVS commit notification tools for mail, web, and configuration management chat. Keep a back-up repository or a configuration management working copy up to date. Python extensible. configuration management Open source.
  • ProjectLocker - Provides hosting for version control, issue tracking, and tools project management tools for projects of all sizes.
  • DCVS - Distributed Concurrent Version System - DCVS extends CVS and allows its repositories to be distributed with local lines of development, and propagation of changes between the repositories.
  • Publicly Accessible CVS Repositories - Cameron Laird's personal index to publicly-accessible CVS repositories.
  • LysCVS - easy server administration - A system that provides access to CVS in an easily configuration management administered way for both local and external users. It\\'s a configuration management bit similar to the CVS servers of Sourceforge.
  • CVS Utilities - CVS Utilities is a small collection of scripts configuration management that allow you to manage the files in configuration management the CVS working directory: cvschroot, cvsdo, cvsu. Free configuration management software.
  • CVSspam - Sends email when a change is committed to configuration management the CVS repository. Syntax-highlighted diffs describe the changes configuration management made, and hyperlinks to Bugzilla and ViewVC are configuration management generated where possible.
  • ViewVC - ViewVC (formerly known as ViewCVS) is like cvsweb tools but written concurrent versions system in Python. Browse the repository, view tools files, display diffs between concurrent versions system versions. Bonsai-like query features.
  • LogInfo and Notify Script Configuration - LogInfo and Notify Script Configuration
  • CVSup - A software package for distributing and updating collections of files concurrent versions system across a network. It can efficiently and accurately mirror all concurrent versions system types of files, including sources, binaries, hard links, symbolic links, concurrent versions system and even device nodes.
  • CVSGrab - Grab a cvs tree from behind a firewall. configuration management This tool is written in Java and works configuration management on most platforms, and it requires a CVS configuration management repository accessible with ViewVC.
  • CVSSupport - A suite of CVS goodies written in perl tools for the harried Big Project Administrator.
  • Component Software CVS for Windows - ComponentSoftware CVS (CS-CVS) is a Windows front-end for CVS (Concurrent concurrent versions system Versions System). Non-free, commercial software.
  • Freepository - CVS and Subversion Hosting - Provides CVS (for Free and an Extended service for payment) concurrent versions system and Subversion (for pay) Hosting.
  • CVS via FTP - Automagic web site mirroring via FTP, under GPL.
  • versionhost - Commercial hosting for CVS pservers.
  • CVS Access Control List Extension - CVSACL provides advanced ACLs per modules, directories, tools and files tools on branch/tag for remote cvs repository tools connections. Execution of tools all CVS subcommands can tools be controlled with eight different tools permissions. GPL.
  • cvs2cl - CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
  • Fisheye - Source Code Communication - Fisheye delivers a unified view of your repository that provides easy navigation, powerful search, historical reporting, configurable file annotation and diff views, changeset analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with your issue tracker. [Commercial, free
  • CVS Professional Support and CVSNT - Provides free downloads of CVS for Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac OS configuration management X. tools Also professional support plans, training and configuration management installation.
  • CVSNT - CVS server running under Windows NT/2000.
  • Anonymous CVS Access Via ssh - Work around security concerns of pserver.
  • CVSweb (FreeBSD version) - CVSweb is a perl script that uses RCS concurrent versions system commands to give a web interface to CVS. concurrent versions system Allows browsing of source code looking for revision, concurrent versions system tags, and releases.
  • CVSSearch - A tool that searches for code fragments using CVS comments. configuration management Demo with data from KDE.
  • cvslock - Program for safely manipulating and inspecting CVS configuration management repositories, used primarily for keeping several repositories in configuration management sync, using CVSup.
  • CVS for MVS - Information on the CVS port to MVS/OS390/USS on configuration management Mainframes.
  • cvs2html - Converts 'cvs log' output to HTML.
  • CVSweb for Windows 95/NT/2000 - Instructions and downloads for running CVSweb on Windows configuration management PWS/IIS. Also limited information on running CVSweb configuration management on Windows with Apache.
  • SourceHosting.Net commercial CVS hosting service - SourceHosting.Net is a commercial online service that allows you and your Internet workgroup or technical team to share data and manage source code changes from remote locations.
  • mod_cvs - CVS module for Apache web server.
  • Bonsai - Web-based graphical interface to CVS, includes cvsblame which concurrent versions system finds who modified particular line most recently.
  • CHalogen - The Change Log Generator - This tool generates change logs. It displays the concurrent versions system concurrent versions system changes made from one cvs-tag to another tag. concurrent versions system concurrent versions system The output is in HTML, ordered by date concurrent versions system concurrent versions system and showing the cvs-commit information from concurrent versions system concurrent versions system the source author. GPL.
  • cvsknit - A CVS automation suite - CvsKnit is a CVS automation suite to knit configuration management up configuration management various CVS repositories from existing source packages.
  • CVS Dude - A free cvs server for your source code. concurrent versions system tools Upload as many projects as you wish and concurrent versions system tools add as many developers to your projects as concurrent versions system tools your wish.
  • CVS Code Historian - File-differencing and analysis using information already present in tools your CVS repository. The functionality is available through tools Visual Studio 6.0 or Visual Studio .NET or tools through the right-button menu in Explorer, and there tools is no installation or configura
  • info-cvs - Searchable archive of the information-cvs listserv.
  • Ximbiot - Company specializing in CVS technical support contracts and configuration management training. tools Based in Troy, MI.
  • CVSTrac - Web-based bug and patch-set tracking system. Features a concurrent versions system concurrent versions system built-in Wiki and SQL database engine; works under concurrent versions system concurrent versions system Unix and Windows. [GNU]
  • CVSBrowser - CVSBrowser is a Total Commander File System Plugin concurrent versions system tools to browse a CVS repository.

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