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DataMartPC is decision support software to create, manage, and deploy reporting and analysis solutions on a stand-alone PC data mart.

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See Also:
  • Cerebiz - Business intelligence tool.
  • SeeMoreData - Enterprise reporting and business intelligence software with built-in analysis and data warehousing pivots, charts, cross-platform data integration, scheduler, data-driven batch reporting, dashboards data warehousing and KPI reporting.
  • Vanguard Business Analytics, Inc. - Delivers business intelligence, analytics and reporting solutions with data warehousing a focus on small and medium manufacturers.
  • Epistemic Corporation - Offers software platform for real-time exploratory analysis incorporating databases data from databases multiple sources.
  • Silvon Software Inc. - Provider of pre-packaged analytic applications which enable supply databases chain companies databases to measure and manage performance in databases key operational areas of databases the business.
  • Actuate Corporation - Provides the platform to build enterprise reporting applications data warehousing that can unify data from multiple data sources data warehousing in real time and present the data within data warehousing interactive web reports, spreadsheets, analytics, dashboards and scorecards. data warehousing (Nasdaq: ACTU).
  • FAST Radar - Develops and licenses Web-based portal and business intelligence decision support tools data warehousing software.
  • Cosmic Solutions - Software tools for strategic business planning and category databases management. decision support tools Products include ProAct for modelling customer databases account and product profitability, decision support tools sales forecasting, financial budgeting databases and promotional evaluation.
  • Stratinis Limited - Enterprise price analysis, management, optimization and execution software.
  • Contour Components Limited - Business intelligence software for interactive reporting, data analysis databases and information databases delivery.
  • Ardentia Search Ltd. - Netsearch combines Enterprise Search with Business Intelligence.
  • AgileGraph - Data analysis and visualization software utilizing visual discovery, databases interactive graphs/charts databases and dynamic filtering.
  • Pentaho - Open-source provider of reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow decision support tools capabilities.
  • Envisn - Suite of utilities to improve deployment of Cognos decision support tools in enterprise environments.
  • arcplan Information Services AG - International software company with products that include inSight databases and dynaSight, data warehousing development tools for building dynamic corporate databases information systems.
  • Multi Dimensional Management Pty Ltd - Business intelligence service provider delivering reporting, planning, and databases master data systems. Based in NSW, Australia.
  • Cizer Software Corporation - Cizer .net Microsoft Web Office Report Server generates decision support tools databases Excel reports, Access reports, Word and Wordperfect forms, decision support tools databases and supports HTML, XML, and PDF Web formats.
  • Hyperion Brio - Develops, markets and supports enterprise business intelligence software.
  • Innovalink Corporation - Provides data-driven business event monitoring and alerting solutions.
  • Interactive Edge, LLC - XP3 is a set of tools for loading data warehousing and managing data, creating and querying OLAP cubes, data warehousing and creating interactive data-driven content in Microsoft Office.
  • LG01 Ltd - Providers of data analysis software, mapping solutions and decision support tools databases UK digital map data. Based in York, decision support tools databases UK.
  • Cognos ULC - Business intelligence and business performance management software. Reporting, analytics data warehousing software, budgeting software, balanced scorecard software, dashboards, ETL, and consolidation.
  • RapidGen Software - EIS delivering a boardroom and line management toolset decision support tools for realtime access and presentation of operational data decision support tools resources.
  • Gineric, Inc. - DataMartPC is decision support software to create, manage, data warehousing and decision support tools deploy reporting and analysis solutions on a data warehousing stand-alone PC decision support tools data mart.
  • Inetsoft Technology - Integration oriented enterprise reporting and business intelligence software. decision support tools Style Report is a Java/J2EE reporting solution that decision support tools aggregates data from legacy and modern data sources.
  • Business Objects - Business intelligence software and solutions including: enterprise reporting, decision support tools data warehousing query and analysis, data integration, and performance management decision support tools data warehousing tools.
  • Crystal Xcelsius - Turns Excel spreadsheets into interactive dashboards, PowerPoint presentations, databases and web-based reports.
  • Yellowfin - Solution for web based reporting, analytics and information databases collaboration.
  • VisuMap - Non-linear visualization program for dimensional data. It converts table of data to 2D/3D maps by combining multidimensional scaling and clustering methods.
  • Siebel Business Intelligence - Helps organizations differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum databases top-and bottom-line decision support tools growth.
  • Noetix Corporation - Generates business intelligence content from enterprise applications enabling decision support tools decision support tools querying, reporting and analysis.
  • Cyberscience Corporation - Provider of database analysis, business intelligence, decision support data warehousing and production reporting solutions.
  • Tableau Software - Fast analytics and visualization.
  • Robust Designs - Offers CUBOT, a business performance management suite.
  • Unifact Corporation - Provides Web-based business intelligence/analytics software and services.
  • DataVision - Open source reporting tool with reports designed using a drag-and-drop decision support tools GUI. Reports may be run, viewed, and printed from decision support tools the application or exported as HTML, XML, PDF, LaTeX2e, DocBook, decision support tools or tab- or comma-delimited text files.
  • Rapt Inc. - Provider of price management and optimization software along databases with advisory data warehousing services.
  • Decision Support, Inc. - Data integration and reporting software and solutions.
  • Synaptris Inc. - Reporting, analysis and dashboard products including IntelliVIEW, an interactive report decision support tools writer, and IntelliPRINT, an integrated reporting solution designed specifically decision support tools for Lotus Notes and Domino environments.
  • Banxia Software - Offers decision support, data analysis, and interactive meeting databases tools.
  • Latigent LLC - Provider of call center reporting and analytics, business databases process management, and employee management software.
  • Fenet Software - Business intelligence suite.
  • DataHabitat Corporation - Offers DH ETL, an engine to build SQL Server data warehouses, DH Query, a multi-dimensional Windows-based query and reporting tool, and pre-packaged business intelligence solutions for mid-market applications.
  • Nav Analytics - A variety of analytical tools for data warehouse databases navigation. decision support tools These tools run against text, numeric, databases and diagnostic data.

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