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XPg is an object-oriented platform-neutral editor with a full featured graphical user interface that supports connections to multiple databases [Open Source : GPL].

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PostgreSQL* - Sophisticated open-source Object-Relational DBMS supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. Completely free database

  • PsqlODBC - ODBC driver for Windows. Download, mailing list, documentation, and FAQs.
  • PGAda - Provides a download of a module for Ada software enabling access to the database system.
  • pyPgSQL - A Python library for accessing PostgreSQL databases that conforms to postgresql the Python DB-API version 2.
  • OCaml - OCaml bindings that allow access to Postgres from databases the OCaml postgresql programming language. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Embedding R in Postgres - The REmbeddedPostgres package allows you to embed the R interpreter software in Postgres and use R functions as if they were software built-in SQL functions.
  • PostgreSQL Autodoc - Automated creation of PostgreSQL documentation in Dia, Docbook, HTML, and postgresql GraphViz formats.
  • Red Hat Database - A version of Postgres that has been optimized databases for the Red Hat Linux distribution.
  • PhpPgAdmin - Feature list and downloads for a web-based administration postgresql tool.[Open Source, databases GPL]
  • Recursive functions in PostGreSQL PGSQL - An example of how to display a recursive tree in postgresql pgsql.
  • Native PostgreSQL Frontend for Windows - Client applications for Windows including native SQL terminal software and backup postgresql tools, psql and pg_dump, for executing software SQL scripts and accessing postgresql PostgreSQL servers remotely.
  • Tsearch2 - Implementation of a new data type tsvector - a searchable data type with indexed access. Documentation and download.
  • PGExplorer - A GUI development tool for the Postgres Database Server is postgresql presented with screenshot, FAQs, download and costs. [Commercial].
  • DreamCoder - GUI development environment that includes a debugger and software a code software generator. By Mentat Technologies. [Commercial]
  • PostgreSQL Module for Python - Python module that embeds the PostgreSQL query library.
  • on Postgres - Provides feature articles, net links, forum discussions software and a software chat room.
  • Octave-pg - Octave modules to access PostgreSQL.
  • EnterpriseDB - A relational database management system based on PostgreSQL. It adds postgresql compatibility and performance features.
  • Databases: As The Tables Turn - Tim Perdue article about porting sourceforge code from postgresql MySQL to software PostreSQL.
  • MySQL PHP to PostgresSQL - A program that takes a php page that databases uses mysql software calls and changes them into Postgres databases calls.
  • PostgreSQL Technical Documentation - Contains community contributed documentation, CBT (Computer Based Training) databases tutorials, installation guides, technical guides, support contracts, lists databases of hosting providers, and additional resources.
  • Oracle v. Postgres - Forum discussion comparing Oracle and Postgres.
  • Search PostgreSQL Sites - A searchengine for PostgreSQL-Documentation. Sample application for Tsearch2.
  • 2ndQuadrant - Training and support for development, tuning, and replication. postgresql Site postgresql includes course outlines, pricing, and schedules.
  • A Review by Paragon Corporation - Article that focuses on features that make PostgreSQL postgresql different from most relational database management systems.
  • XPg: PostgreSQL GUI on Java - XPg is an object-oriented platform-neutral editor with a full featured postgresql graphical user interface that supports connections to multiple databases [Open postgresql Source : GPL].
  • Performance Tuning PostgreSQL - This article aims to help demystify PostgreSQL database postgresql performance tuning.
  • PostgreSQL Manager - Graphical tool for PostgreSQL administration and development.
  • PostGIS: Geographic objects for PostgreSQL - Spatially enables the server, allowing it to be used as databases a backend spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS).
  • PostgresPy Project - An open source software project dedicated to the continual improvement postgresql of the relationship between Python and PostgreSQL.
  • PL-J - A stored procedure platform that provides Java and software other object oriented language integration.
  • NuSphere UltraSQL - NuSphere UltraSQL is a native Windows port of postgresql popular PostgreSQL database. [Commercial]
  • PostgresDAC - Borland Delphi/C++Builder component set for direct access to PostgreSQL without databases BDE or ODBC.
  • PostgreSQL Forums - Forums for developers, administrators, and users of the PostgreSQL database.
  • Navicat - This client tool enables users to manage multiple databases on databases local or remote servers easily. This is available for databases Windows and Mac OS X. (Important: this is not the databases tool from
  • PGCup - PGCup is a simple Java PostgreSQL administration tool. databases Currently software under development and seeking volunteers. [Berkeley/BSD].
  • dbengine - A plug \'n play Web interface for PostgreSQL databases and Oracle.
  • Interactive SQL - GUI tool for creating SQL queries and managing postgresql PostgreSQL databases [commercial].
  • PostgreSQL Inc. - Commercial support for the object-relational database management system, software PostgreSQL, as software well as full database hosting.
  • Postgres on Redhat7.0 - Article from PHPBuilder on obtaining packages, installing and configuring.
  • Guide to Version 7.x Development and Configuration - A side by side comparison to Oracle 8i that can also be read as a stand alone document.

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