Open Source XML Databases Software

freely (GPL, LGPL) and openly (BSD, Apache, X, artistic) licensed xml database systems

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  • eXist - eXist is an Open Source repository and retrieval xml engine for open source XML documents.
  • interBasis (IB 2.x) - SGML/XML-savy structured fulltext engine and multi-protocol information management xml system. (BSn)
  • Xindice - DBMS written in Java to optimize the storage, open source retrieval, open source querying, and management of XML-based documents. open source Xindice was open source known as "dbXML Core" prior to open source joining the Apache open source XML Project.
  • Lore - Lore is a database management system (DBMS) for XML. The Lore executables are available for public use.

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