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ChurchInfo is a php/mySQL database to keep track of people, families, groups, pledges and payments, Sunday school classes, etc.

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  • Ocelot Computer Services Inc. - The Ocelot SQL DBMS adheres closely to the databases ANSI/ISO SQL standard. The site has software downloads, databases tutorial information, and reviews of SQL or general databases DBMS books. [Mozilla and GPL]
  • Arboretum Metric Access Method Library - GBDI Arboretum is a portable C++ library which implements various software Metric Access Method (MAM). By using this library applications will software be able to perform similarity queries (queries by contents).
  • Seva Software - ArunaDB - Database server written in Ruby that supports tables, open source indexes, databases triggers, sequences, views, stored procedures, and transactions.
  • OSDB: The Open Source Database Network - News, information, and tools related to open source open source database platforms.
  • RekallRevealed - Rekall is an open source database front end, in the open source style of Microsoft Access. It is built on Qt and open source KDE and runs on Linux and Windows. Open source drivers open source available for MySQL, PgSQL and XBase (DB4 via a wrapper open source library) [GPL]
  • Mneson - Pure Ada database including library and tools for software persistent graphs open source of basic values (integer, string, float).
  • Index of Publicly Available Database Software - A list of research and other free database systems. Also software includes some benchmarks. Maintained by ACM SIGMOD.
  • One$DB: Open Source Database - Free and open source version of Java database open source Daffodil DB. Available in both network and embedded open source editions.
  • Fast DB - Main memory object-relational DBMS featuring log-less transaction recovery, software tight C++ integration, query language like SQL. software Optimized for all data being held in RAM.
  • Axamol SQL Library - Java library to execute SQL statements stored in open source external open source library files. This separation increases readability, eases open source maintenance, and open source allows separate testing and documentation. [MIT]
  • CQL++ - Both a single user and client/server versions with open source ODBC software drivers. Distributed under a modified GPL open source that allows software distribution of applications without including source open source code. Commercial software support available.
  • Bond - A Linux rapid application development (RAD) tool for software creating dynamic data aware database applications from standard software design specifications.
  • ChurchInfo Church Database Application - ChurchInfo is a php/mySQL database to keep track software of people, open source families, groups, pledges and payments, Sunday software school classes, etc.
  • MonetDB - Open source high-performance database system developed at CWI, software the Institute databases for Mathematics and Computer Science Research software of The Netherlands.
  • BFMP Project - Open-source business template for Filemaker Pro 9.0 that software supports sales, software inventory, quotes, and taxes, in multiple software languages for multiple users.
  • ITTIA - Provides small footprint, high performance, and easy-to-use embedded database solutions. Also sells technical support and consulting.
  • Kexi - An integrated environment for managing data. It open source helps databases creating database schemas, inserting, querying and processing open source data. Screenshots, databases downloads, resources, a wiki and a open source list of involved databases developers.
  • Hamsterdb Embeddable Database Engine - Hamsterdb is written in ANSI C and supports software a B+Tree software index structure, uses memory mapped I/O software (if available), supports cursors, software and can create in-memory software databases.
  • Persistent Data Objects - A flexible, lightweight object oriented database system in databases C++ with databases an extensible back-end store design. databases MFC compatible version available. databases [GPL]
  • picoSQL - picoSQL is a SQL-based, multi-user, client/server RDBMS, derived from a open source commercial project [GPL].
  • MyOODB ( My Object-Oriented Database & Web Services ) - An Object-Oriented Database and Web Services (SDK) written software in Java, includes documentation, example code and information software about the author.
  • ART - A lightweight (Java/J2EE), multiplatform web based query tool and reporting open source environment. Supports tabular, crosstab, charts, scheduling; data exportable to spreadsheet.
  • Qt SQL Browser - A graphical front end for any ODBC compliant open source database databases [GPL]
  • iSQL-VIewer - An SQL browser tool that works with any JDBC 2.0 software or higher driver. [Open Source, MPL]
  • tdbengine - The turbo database engine - tdbengine is a small but powerful RDBMS written software in PASCAL. It runs on Linux as well software as on Windows machines.

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