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See Also:
  • Ubuntu Theme and Icons Download - Compiz and Beryl themes, icons, screenlets, wallpapers for themes Ubuntu Linux.
  • GNOME Art - Themes, icons, splash screens, window borders, login managers, and backgrounds linux for the GNOME desktop.
  • - Free, open source Linux styles, skins, themes for desktop customization GNOME linux and KDE, and wallpapers.
  • GTK Theme Installation Guide - Details on downloading, installing, and activating a theme. Contains links desktop customization to resources needed.
  • How to Install Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu - Detailed instructions on removing old versions and adding desktop customization a respiratory. Includes code and commands needed.
  • - Database of user-submitted Compiz-Fusion themes, wallpapers, icons, skydomes, linux and cubecaps.
  • Arnaud's OSX Cloning Tutorial - Descriptive step by step instructions on how to make the KDE desktop look very similar to OSX.
  • Linux Desktop Themes - Open source theme development available for download, and through electronic linux store.
  • The Linux Box - Linux color schemes, fonts, icons, logo\\'s, skins, splash screens, themes, and wallpapers created by Sean Parsons.
  • Linux Desktop Imitating OSX - Gives detailed instructions and links on how to desktop customization make linux Ubuntu Linux imitate Mac OSX.
  • Make Linux Look Like Windows XP - An open source project that gives Linux nearly desktop customization identical desktop customization menus, themes, and interface\'s to that of desktop customization Windows XP.
  • Make Your Linux Desktop Like Windows in 3 Steps - Gives detailed instructions on how to make the themes Linux GNOME desktop look like Windows in three themes easy steps.
  • BeTheme - Developers of a theme manager for the BeOS themes system offer a few themes, including art and themes nature content.
  • - Compiz, Metacity, GTK, and Beryl themes, wallpapers, icons, linux screenlets, and linux desklets.

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