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wmx is also a window manager. Home page quote : "wmx is a window manager for X. It's based on wm2, and it retains a similar look and feel, but it's intended to provide an experimental vehicle for features that fall comfortably outside the scope of t

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Window Managers for X* - Guide to window managers for the X Window System. Descriptions, screenshots and configuration files for all popular window managers, along with related resources, including a news and discussion area.

  • Ion - Text-editorish, keyboard friendly window manager.
  • JD4X - A basic GUI windowing environment developed to support the Java programming language based on top of the X window system.
  • Fast Light Window Manager - Derived from wm2. Source code and binaries graphic subsystems available.
  • pekwm - A good looking but lean windowmanager with support x11 for dockapps, x11 tabbed windows, automatic window manipulation, dynamic x11 menus, key sequences.
  • B4Step Window Manager - B4Step is a Window Manager running under X11R6 graphic subsystems with window managers a different way to manage window graphic subsystems banners. It window managers can use OpenGL routines for animations, graphic subsystems is Gnome compliant window managers and has also a sound graphic subsystems support.
  • Enlightenment - A window manager based on Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.
  • The Scheme Configurable (Constraints?) Window Manager - A highly configurable X Window manager written and window managers configurable window managers with Guile Scheme. An absolute must window managers for any window managers hardcore Schemer who uses X Window. window managers Now at window managers version with Gnome support, window managers a CORBA interface, a window managers complex constraint system for window managers pseudointellig
  • Small Window Manager - Minimal window manager intended for use with small x11 screen sizes.
  • Pie Menu Window Manager - Minimal window manager that uses pie menus.
  • Ratpoison Window Manager - A simple Window Manager with no fat library x11 dependencies, no graphic subsystems fancy graphics, no window decorations.
  • PWM - Lightweight window manager for X11 that lets multiple client windows attach to the same frame.
  • The Official AfterStep Site - NeXTStep-like windowmanager
  • Evilwm - A minimalist Window Manager for the X Window graphic subsystems System.
  • LinuxPlanet Window Managers Page - Reviews of, and tutorials on, window managers under graphic subsystems Linux, graphic subsystems for beginners.
  • aewm - A minimalistic X11 window manager.
  • The Mass Interactive Desktop - A desktop environment that looks like an IRIX desktop.
  • wm2 - Really minimal window manager
  • wmx - wmx is also a window manager. Home x11 page quote : "wmx is a window manager x11 for X. It\\'s based on wm2, and it x11 retains a similar look and feel, but it\\'s x11 intended to provide an experimental vehicle for features x11 that fall comfortably outside the scope of t
  • Sawfish - An extensible window manager using a Lisp-based scripting language. All x11 window decorations are configurable and all user-interface policy is controlled x11 through the extension language. This is no layer on top x11 of twm, but a wholly new architecture.
  • Window Manager Icons Distribution - a project to provide an efficient configurable icon window managers x11 distribution
  • Generic Window Manager Manual - GWM is an X window manager you can program using window managers LISP.
  • mlvwm - Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager.
  • Openbox - A standards compliant light-weight extensible window manager.
  • FluxBox - A fast compact window manager based on the window managers Blackbox, window managers but offering more features.
  • XD640 - A lightweight graphical desktop environment for X-Window designed x11 for older x11 computers running at 640x480 screen resolution.
  • amiwm - X window manager that tries to look and feel like x11 Amiga Workbench.
  • Official AfterStep Development site - Site dedicated to Development of the AfterStep Window window managers Manager. Includes HTMLized sources, daily activity log, and window managers TODOs.
  • Open Look Virtual Window Manager - Based on olwm. Allows large virtual desktops.
  • ROX Desktop - A desktop environment with some features of RISC OS.
  • WindowLab - A small and simple window manager of novel window managers design.
  • AfterStep Applets - Home of the distribution of applications for the graphic subsystems AfterStep window manager.
  • The Stump Window Manager - A tiling, keyboard driven X11 Window Manager written x11 entirely in window managers Common Lisp.
  • Blackbox - Light window manager, without all those annoying library dependencies.
  • - Official site of GNUstep: free implementation of NeXTStep/OpenStep specification.
  • BadWM - A minimalistic window manager for the X Window window managers System.
  • Oroborus - A very minimalistic, but still fully configurable windowmanager.
  • VTWM - A virtual window manager for the X Window graphic subsystems System. x11 It is based on twm, and can graphic subsystems be used x11 just like twm. It provides multiple graphic subsystems virtual screens, a x11 3D look, and lots of graphic subsystems neat features.

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