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XFree86* - X implementation for Intel x86-based platforms.

  • Broadway Project - Running X Window over WWW.
  • New Rendering Model for X - By Keith Packard. Article on current limits and future development of X Windows.[PDF]
  • XDM ThemeStuff - A set of scripts to make Theming the graphic subsystems XDM (X Display Manager) easier.
  • Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual (ICCCM) - Atoms, selections, cut buffers, window manager communication, session management, sharing resources, colors.
  • SiS/XGI graphics chipsets and X.org/XFree86/Linux - Complete description of driver options, configuration issues and x11 download links.
  • What is X / X Server / XFree86 - At The Linux Revolution. Information on X / operating systems X Server / XFree86. Gain a little operating systems knowledge on the graphical interface for Linux.
  • X on TV - How to set up XFree86 for a TV.
  • Freedesktop.org - A free software project to work on interoperability x11 and shared graphic subsystems technology for desktop environments for the x11 X Window System.
  • X Window System and Motif WWW Sites - List of over 600 technically-oriented X Window sites: X Consortium, graphic subsystems Motif, X Advisor magazine, major X technologies, CDE, internationalization, FAQs, graphic subsystems on-line technical papers, on-line tutorials, X for PCs and Linux, graphic subsystems and general human-computer interaction.
  • UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ - All you need to know to use Unicode/UTF-8 graphic subsystems on x11 Unix and Linux systems.
  • Xprint - A X11-based print system and API which enables operating systems X11 graphic subsystems applications to use devices like printers, FAX operating systems or create graphic subsystems documents in formats like PostScript, PDF, operating systems PCL.
  • Open Group Desktop Technologies (X.Org) - Official distribution of X11.
  • Keith Packard - Papers and Talks - X Window related papers and talks.

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