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Frequently asked questions (and the answers) that are posted to, a group dedicated to the discussion of applications that run under the X Window System.

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See Also:
  • XMX Home Page - An X Protocol Multiplexor
  • Xmcd - X11/Motif CD Player - CD audio player software for UNIX.
  • xosview - Displays dynamically-updated small bar charts representing CPU load, x11 memory usage, x11 swap usage, paging, disk activity and x11 interrupts.
  • xpdf - A viewer for Portable Documentat Format (PDF) files.
  • xstep-shell - Use the Xstep-3.5.1 library and can be used x11 in Linux shell scripts to ask for user x11 input and to draw GUI\'s for the X x11 Window system.
  • Xmmix - X11/Motif audio mixer - Premium audio mixer application for Linux (also works x11 on graphic subsystems other platforms running the 4Front Open x11 Sound System (OSS) graphic subsystems driver.
  • dxpc - the Differential X Protocol Compresser - dxpc is a compressor designed to speed up applications X11 applications applications over low-bandwidth links (like dialup PPP applications connections)
  • ivtools - A suite of free X Window drawing editors for PostScript, applications TeX, and web graphics production, as well as an embeddable applications and extendable vector graphic shell.
  • DDD - Data Display Debugger - A graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, graphic subsystems WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, or the Python graphic subsystems debugger.
  • XFIG Drawing Program for X Window System - XFIG Drawing program software and related documention, libraries, drawings, and graphic subsystems pointers.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions (and the answers) that are posted to x11, a group dedicated to the discussion of applications that x11 run under the X Window System.
  • GTKeyboard - Site dedicated to distribution and information about GTKeyboard, an X11 graphic subsystems application for disabled users.
  • John's World of XV - Multi-format image viewer with some editing capabilities.
  • Electric Sheep - A collaborative X screensaver for users with high x11 bandwidth.
  • XScreenSaver - A screen saver and locker for the X graphic subsystems Window system.
  • xvkbd - A virtual (graphical) keboard for X Window system.
  • Worker - A filemanager for X-Window. It should run on x11 all POSIX-conforming x11 systems. [Open source, GPL]
  • xxkb - A simple GUI for XKB (X KeyBoard extension) and just x11 sends commands to and accepts events from XKB. [Open source, x11 Artistic license]
  • x2vnc - An X program that will allow two machines to be controlled from the same keyboard and mouse. One machine must run X Window, the other can run X Window or Microsoft Windows.
  • XFig, FIG and associated software - Links and information related to XFig and applications other software applications which uses the FIG graphics applications format.
  • XtDesk - An X Window icon manager that runs under x11 Linux and FreeBSD.
  • Copylefted Software - Software development page of David Allen, which includes graphic subsystems full graphic subsystems source code for GTKeyboard, an application written graphic subsystems for X graphic subsystems using the GTK+ tookit, which allows graphic subsystems physically disabled users graphic subsystems to easily edit text files.

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