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Learn about the first emacs implementation to use lisp. Bernard Greenberg's vast, unpublished 1979 "Mother of All Multics Emacs papers" (a meta-paper from which all others were ultimately excerpted) contains lots of implementation detail.

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GNU Emacs* - Official Free Software Foundation page for the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
The Emacs Wiki* - A collection of the knowledge of the Emacs community to serve as a source of answers for all kind of questions concerning Emacs.

  • GNU Emacs Manual - Official Emacs manual from the Free Software Foundation.
  • Emacspeak -The Complete Audio Desktop - Offers a reference, an user guide, instructions how to install, software tips and tricks, a list of supported speech-enabled applications and software a download page.
  • The Craft of Text Editing, or Emacs for the Modern World - The full text of the book "The Craft of Text editors Editing: Emacs for the Modern World" by Craig Finseth, last editors published in 1991 by Springer-Verlag.
  • Emacs: The Sacred Editor - Theological Issues concerning The One True Editor, with emacs particular reference to vi. As Saint IGNUcius says: emacs "Warning: taking the Church of Emacs (or any emacs church) too seriously may be hazardous to your emacs health."
  • EMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor - Stallman\\'s paper on the original (TECO) Emacs. What it means editors to be extensible. Why lisp is good for implementing extensible editors systems.
  • Savannah: Project Info - emacs - The GNU Emacs project homepage at Savannah.
  • Remembrance Agents Page - A set of applications that watch over a Emacs user\\'s shoulder and suggest information relevant to the current situation.
  • Jari Aalto's Emacs Page - A collection of information about Emacs providing links software to Emacs related papers, Emacs lisp developer sites, software notes about emacs debugging, package pointers and installation software tips.
  • Emacs for Vi users - Equivalent commands in Emacs for commands in Vi.
  • Emacspeak Mailing List Archive - An archive containing all the messages sent to software the emacspeak editors mailing list by emacspeak users.
  • JEmacs - JEmacs is a re-implementation of Emacs, written in editors a mixture emacs of Java, Scheme, and Emacs Lisp.
  • Gnuserv - Source of the program to control Emacs from external programs.
  • Design of the Emacs Logo - An interesting behind-the-scenes look at the design and emacs creation of emacs the Emacs 21 logo.
  • The very unofficial Dotemacs Home - Information about customizing Emacs and a collection of emacs local and linked dotfiles.
  • Emacs on OS/2 Help - A general help for installing Emacs on OS/2.
  • Multics Emacs: The History, Design and Implementation - Learn about the first emacs implementation to use editors lisp. Bernard software Greenberg\\'s vast, unpublished 1979 "Mother of editors All Multics Emacs papers" software (a meta-paper from which editors all others were ultimately excerpted) contains software lots of editors implementation detail.
  • Emacs Implementations and Literature - This document provides a partial list of implementations of Emacs-type editors and literature about such editors.
  • Emacs Voice Commander - Enables all Emacs interactive commands for Dragon Naturally software Speaking professional.
  • Emacs Beginner's HowTo - A set of documents that introduce Linux users to the Emacs editor. They assume minimal familiarity with vi or a similar editor.
  • EMacro - EMacro is portable .emacs for GNU Emacs editors and XEmacs that configures itself. Beside download links editors to SourceForge, installation docs, solutions for special problems editors concerning configuration and tips and tricks the site editors provides a huge list of additional Em

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