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Due to the fact that MS-Windows is not the ideal platform for Emacs and you have to be aware of certain difficulties this category provides links to sites which deal with NT-Emacs. Both flavors of Emacs (GNU Emacs and XEmacs) are handled.

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See Also:
  • Francis Wright's Emacs packages - WoMan.el, an elisp package to browse UNIX man emacs files without microsoft windows having man installed and msdos-shell-fix.el, an emacs improvement of the NT-Emacs microsoft windows support for the COMMAND.COM emacs shell under Windows 95 can be microsoft windows found here.
  • GNU Emacs on Windows - Files, documentation and a FAQ for the Windows versions of the GNU Emacs editor.
  • EmacsW32 - An Emacs distribution with a collection of Emacs lisp modules and MS Windows programs to use from within Emacs to ensure Windows-like handling of common editing tasks.
  • Gnuserv for NT - Installation guide and download for the Windows port.
  • General Paranoyaxc GNU Emacs 20.7 - Description of features and limitations, screenshots, installation tips and download of an implementation for WindowsCE.
  • NT-Emacs Mailing List Archive - A browser accessible archive of the NT-Emacs mailing list.

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