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From the official site: "An alternative to GNU Emacs, XEmacs was originally based on an early alpha version of FSF's version 19, and has diverged quite a bit since then. XEmacs was known as Lucid Emacs through version 19.10. Almost all features of GNU Emacs are supported in XEmacs. The maintainers of XEmacs actively track changes to GNU Emacs while also working to add new features."

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XEmacs* - Official site. Open source text editor for GUI environments. Includes downloads, documentation, getting involved in development and customization. [Linux, Unix, Windows]

  • The Emacs Schism - How XEmacs (Lucid Emacs as was) came about, emacs by Jamie editors Zawinski: \\'[t]his incident has become famous emacs as one of the editors most significant "forks" in emacs a free software code base\\'. Edited editors Highlights of emacs mail-lists as events unfolded.
  • XEmacs Editor FAQ - Frequently asked questions covering internationalization, troubleshooting, customization, user guidance and release notes.

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