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Frontier's award winning X server software solution with a group application wizard that allows users to effortlessly launch UNIX applications from their windows desktop.

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XFree86* - X Servers for PC-based graphics cards

  • Linux Forums: Installing NVIDIA 3D Drivers - Howto explaining installation process for NVIDIA 3d graphics x11 drivers.
  • Cygwin/X - A port of the X Window System to graphic subsystems Microsoft Windows, originally deduced from XFree86.
  • XWinLogon Win32 X Server - Cygwin X Server with a graphical front end to make x11 it easy for Windows users to log in to Linux/UNIX x11 boxes. [Open software, GPL]
  • SuperX - Frontier\\'s award winning X server software solution with graphic subsystems a group application wizard that allows users to graphic subsystems effortlessly launch UNIX applications from their windows desktop.
  • StarNet Communications Corp. - Makes X-Win32, an X Windows server for PCs running Microsoft graphic subsystems Windows 32-bit: 95-98-Me/NT-2000-XP.
  • XLink Technology, Inc. - Makes Omni-X high-performance 32-bit X Windows Server for x11 PCs running graphic subsystems MS Windows 32-bit; turns PC AT, x11 386, 486, Pentium into graphic subsystems full function X Windows x11 server. Runs over MS Windows, built-in graphic subsystems TCP/IP stack, x11 all windows fully integrated with MS Windows environm
  • XGGI - X server for libGGI.
  • ATI Radeon Linux How-To - Information on how to install, configure, and maintain an ATI Radeon graphics card on various Linux distributions.
  • NVIDIA installer howto for SUSE Linux users - Information on how to use the NVIDIA installer servers to install graphics drivers on an SUSE Linux servers system.
  • Xi Graphics, Inc - Developers of Accelerated-X, graphics drivers for Linux and x11 UNIX-based operating graphic subsystems systems.
  • i810 with XFree86 4.x HOWTO - Information on how to make XFree86 4.x running x11 on Intel\\'s x11 i810 graphics chipset by using special x11 features of the 2.2.18 x11 and 2.4.x kernels.[PDF]
  • X.Org - Target is to provide a less monolithic and graphic subsystems modernized X and to be more open than graphic subsystems the XFree86 project. The project forked from XFree86 graphic subsystems with version 4.4 RC2 due to a license graphic subsystems change after it.
  • X11 for Mac OS X - Apple's distribution of XFree86 for Mac OS X.
  • MI/X - X display server from MicroImages, available for Windows with 15 days trial period and for MacOS for free.
  • Hummingbird Ltd. Connectivity Products - Exceed X Windows Server for Windows-based PCs.
  • WinaXe - A X windows server for windows-based PCs.
  • Nvidia Unix Drivers Portal Page - Nvidia Graphics Drivers for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
  • Labtam, Inc. - Provide SecurePro, an X-Server product integrating the Microsoft Windows and graphic subsystems X Window System environments using SSH. Also XSecurePro64 (version for graphic subsystems 64-bit Microsoft Windows) and XConnectPro (an X-Server product with included graphic subsystems TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP, LPR, LPD, T
  • GATOS - Linux drivers and software for using the tv-tuning and video servers capturing capabilities of an ATI graphics card.
  • TV-Out Patch for radeon driver in Xorg 7 CVS - The patch for enabling tv-out for Radeon cards graphic subsystems for x11 Xorg 7.

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