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  • Xi Graphics, Inc - Company specializes in creating high-performance, graphics software to graphic subsystems support graphics hardware primarily on Intel-compatible platforms running graphic subsystems Linux/UNIX systems.
  • Labtam, Inc. - Makes X server software to connect PCs to X Window, vendors Linux, Unix systems.
  • Xmanger - Makes PC X server, high performance X Window x11 server software, runns on MS Windows, connects to x11 Unix or VAX system with TCP/IP network, gives x11 users access to all functions, resources at remote x11 host.
  • BX PRO - Motif GUI builder for Linux, Unix, Builder Xcessory PRO simplifies x11 developing interfaces, has GUI builder, C++ GUI framework, large set x11 of addon widgets. In 1999, Linux Journal awarded BX PRO x11 with Cygnux Code Fusion an Editor\\'s Choice for Best New x11 Applica
  • NetSarang Computer, Inc. - develop, market and support diverse systems connectivity software in the graphic subsystems global market. Evolve a family of PC X server software graphic subsystems for PC-to-Unix and PC-to-VMS.
  • Integrated Computer Solutions - A leader in Motif visual development tools, ICS graphic subsystems provides vendors products, consulting and training services to developers graphic subsystems writing business-critical vendors applications in C, C++ and graphic subsystems Java.
  • Free Stuff from MicroImages, Inc. - Download free stuff from MicroImages, including TNTlite and x11 the MicroImages X Server. Software

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