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Registered non-profit organization representing the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. Information on how to donate, this organization, news.

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KDE-Apps.org* - Searchable application site with the latest program releases, and software map.
The K Desktop Environment* - KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.

  • KDE Worldwide - News of latest developments in international settings, and kde case studies desktop environments of how it is used therein.
  • Planet KDE - KDE blogger aggregator site.
  • KDE Files - A central exchange platform for all sorts of graphic subsystems documents desktop environments and document templates. The users can colaborate, graphic subsystems discuss, vote desktop environments and share documents.
  • KDE Community World Summit 2004 "aKademy" - 2004 KDE World Summit, code-named aKademy, in Ludwigsburg/Germany. It is graphic subsystems spanning 9 days with an exciting program.
  • KDE Accessibility Project - Purpose is to make the entirety of the graphic subsystems K Desktop Environment and (by necessity) its underlying graphic subsystems technologies usable by and as efficient as possible graphic subsystems for disabled users of all types.
  • KDE Webcity - Service for members who need space for program desktop environments development kde sites. Already contains many home sites.
  • KDE Usability Project - Goals: improve system usability.
  • LinuxWiki.org - KDEkonferenz - This WikiWikiWeb is dedicated to plan and organize the KDE graphic subsystems conference 2004.
  • KDE Events - Dedicated to coordinating events and meetings; information on future events.
  • KDE Representatives - Official project contacts for many countries.
  • KDE Quality Team - A community of contributors who serve as a graphic subsystems gateway desktop environments between developers and users in the KDE graphic subsystems Project. Provides desktop environments a set of guides how to graphic subsystems start developing with desktop environments KDE and current Tasks of graphic subsystems the team.
  • KDE Women - Dedicated to project women.
  • KDE Extra Gear - Collection of programs associated with, and part of, desktop environments the desktop environments project, but not part of the Distribution desktop environments for various desktop environments reasons. Lists projects, links to homepages.
  • KDE Forum - Provides a place for users and developers to desktop environments discuss graphic subsystems topics around KDE.
  • The Kompany - Develops products for and contributes to KDE.
  • KDE Yugoslavia - Site for users in disintegrating country. Much useful information, help, kde easy downloads of latest versions.
  • KDE News - Source for up to date project news.
  • KDE Download - A list of KDE FTP mirrors that have kde recently updated desktop environments from master ftp distribution site.
  • KSourcerer.org - KDE News - Source for the latest KDE news and updates, desktop environments intermingled graphic subsystems with Yahoo-ads.
  • K Desktop Environment e.V. - Registered non-profit organization representing the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. Information on how to donate, this organization, news.
  • KDE Bug Tracking System - Bugzilla-driven database of Bug and Wishlist-Entries. Allows to kde search for desktop environments existing Bugs and submit new items.
  • KDE Developers and Users Conference 2005 - "aKademy" - Held in Malaga/Spain. Provides the program, schedules, slides desktop environments and desktop environments ways to participate.
  • KDE Mailing List Archives - Access the archives of related mail lists.
  • KDE Mailing Lists - All project mailing lists.
  • KDE-Look.org - EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop. Visual Enhancements for kde your KDE Desktop: Wallpapers, Icons, Themes.
  • IceWM - Window manager with partial KDE compliant (KDE hint kde support).
  • KDE Usability Testing - Describes various usability testing performed, and some steps desktop environments that desktop environments should be taken to improve usability.
  • KFocus - A lightweight time management program.
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