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A graphical front end for timed or externally triggered analog input using Comedi. Gives a short description, lists requirements and provides software download.

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See Also:
  • KArm - A time tracker. You can enter a list of "tasks", desktop environments start KArm\\'s clock, and it will count the number of desktop environments minutes you spend on the highlighted task.
  • KSSH - A KDE front-end to ssh.
  • Krename - The Batch Renamer For KDE. Downloads, FAQ, Screenshot-Gallery.
  • KiKbd - X Window KDE keyboard selector based on XMap mechanism, allows switching between many international keyboard layouts.
  • kinput2control - A KDE control applet for kinput2.
  • KCharMap - A simple little program for viewing the character kde set available utilities in a font.
  • KAlarm - A personal alarm message, command and email scheduler kde for KDE. desktop environments Screenshots, documentation, downloads, requirements and news.
  • Katy - A Texteditor inspired by the popular Editor UltraEdit.
  • Kaptain - A universal graphical front-end for command line programs. Provides examples, kde description and Source downloads.
  • KTimeWarp - A small KDE application that can display the time in utilities different places of the world given their time difference with utilities you.
  • xglobe - xglobe is a small tool that displays the desktop environments earth kde globe as a background, à la xearth.
  • Kodometer - A handbook for the little applet that measures desktop environments the kde Desktop Mileage of the Mouse.
  • KPage.de - Tools that will make your Linux-Life easier - Some tools for KDE: KSQLAnalyzer, KWebGet, KAM2, KEasyISDN, utilities KAM2, KBMon, kde KInsectizid, KMusicChoice.
  • KountDown - A screensaver which displays a countdown to a kde selected date. kde Describes the features, provides a screen kde shot and the software kde for downloading.
  • KGoodStuff - A button-bar like FvwmButtons or tkGoodStuff.
  • Kiten - Japanese Reference Tool for KDE. Description with screenshots, features and utilities download.
  • kload - A performance monitoring program for KDE/Linux.
  • mj's KDE2 Utilities - kpilot: Palm Hot-Sync Software for KDE, kwatch: KDE2 desktop environments Log File Viewer, kdslmon: KDE2 T-DSL Status Monitor, desktop environments ttfmkfontdir: mkfontdir for TrueType Fonts.
  • Krc - A graphical irexec for KDE. It docks in utilities the panel utilities and executes arbitrary commands on an utilities IR signal decoded by utilities lircd, the LIRC daemon.
  • BasKet for KDE3 - This application provide baskets (drawers) where the user utilities can drag and drop various objects (text, URLs, utilities images, sounds) into. Objects can be edited, utilities copied, dragged. Project information, downloads, contacts.
  • KMatrix - A simple matrix background that shows the movement desktop environments of matrix elements while you are doing your desktop environments job in K Desktop Environment. Currently only available desktop environments for KDE 1.1.2, not for KDE 2.x.
  • Rangoon Time - A small panel application for KDE 1 and desktop environments 2 desktop environments displaying the current time in Rangoon/Burma.
  • Actions for KHotKeys - Downloads and import instructions.
  • KmusicdB - A Music Collection Manager for KDE2.
  • Kmamu: MAMu_'s Icons for X - Set of shell scripts that install the icons desktop environments into kde a folder on KDE1 or KDE2 desktop, desktop environments and help kde maintain icons as new icon update desktop environments packs are released.
  • KWoodhammer - A shell for all kinds of data encryption, utilities ranging from mails and simple text files to utilities whole archives.
  • KTeXShell - A KDE shell around the famous typesetting system kde TeX by Donald E. Knuth.
  • KDE Utilities from Rolf Jakob - contains kdepopup, kdsing, kidentify, klocate and ktail
  • KWeather - An application for keeping track of the weather.
  • DragStacK - A kicker applet to drop files onto and kde later drag them out again. Provides software-downloads.
  • kde2wm - A Perl script that "translate" the KDE-style links kde into links desktop environments in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker.
  • KIceMenu - KIceMenu lets you configure your icewm menus according to your desktop environments wishes.
  • KTimemon - Shows a bar graph indicating usage of system utilities resources such utilities as CPU, and memory.
  • KickPIM - A panel applet for quickly editing and accessing the KDE addressbook or sending emails to contacts. It shows also a list of upcoming birthdays and waiting emails of multiple email-accounts.
  • KWake, KPrinter, PushMe - A Wake_up_utility for \\'nightcrawlers\\', a Printer spool server/deamon desktop environments and utilities a little game for KDE.
  • Kpvm, KDiskFree, KwickDisk, KHeise, KStrListEdit - Homepage of a few KDE Applications
  • KMag - This little tool can be used by visually-impared and others needing to zoom part of the screen.
  • Wordtrans - WordTrans is a front-end for several dictionaries.
  • KTimeTrace - A graphical front end for timed or externally triggered analog input using Comedi. Gives a short description, lists requirements and provides software download.
  • KHotKeys ~ Mouse Gestures - A couple of prepared mouse gesture collections you desktop environments can utilities import into KHotKeys.
  • KFstab - Manage your /etc/fstab inside KDE.
  • Khrono homepage - A digital watch, timer and countdown for the KDE desktop
  • KPanel2 - A modified version of the Corel Kpanel for KDE.
  • Krefty - A utility to show Quick Reference Page for kde applications. Description, desktop environments download, installation instructions.
  • UserMode: Free Source - QBrew A homebrewer\\'s recipe calculator targeted for Unix/Linux/BSD utilities using the Qt library and HarnMaker, a character utilities generator for the HârnMaster roleplaying game also targeted utilities for Unix/Linux/BSD using the Qt library.
  • KUnit - A small utility to do various unit conversions.
  • KSteak Dictionary - A KDE frontend for steak, an English - utilities German dictionary.
  • KQuick - An open translation system to translate words between languages, resolve desktop environments acronyms, and lookup numbers.
  • KTelia - A program to log in to Telia Broadband desktop environments and desktop environments com hem.
  • RegExplorer - A visual regular expression explorer, it allows for writing regular desktop environments expressions and visually see the matches.
  • Cockooo - OpenOffice.org nested in KDE - A KDE Part that allows OpenOffice.org to be run in a Konqueror window. Introduction, Screenshots, Download, OOo Qt port, ToDo, Contact.
  • KDE links to WindowMaker converter - .kdelnk to WindowMaker menu converter which supports locale.

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