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A KDE application to backup and to restore hard disk partition images. It uses the Linux command-line utility "dd" and zlib.

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See Also:
  • KNutClient - A visual client for the "NUT" UPS system.
  • KPackage - Graphical package manager for RPM and DEB packages.
  • krpmbuilder - A frontend for the Red Hat package manager.
  • kcmlaptop - A set of KDE control panels that implements laptop computer utilities support functions.
  • Kbpartition - A program to partition your disk. Provides Screenshots, utilities download and kde a description.
  • Kkeyled - An application to show you the keyboard leds in the kde panel or to set them to a spezific state at kde startup.
  • KSensors - An lmsensors frontend for the K Desktop Environment. system management Provides system management information about the project and a download system management of the system management sources of the project.
  • KGamma - A KDE Control Center modul for gamma calibration/correction kde of XFree86. utilities Description, screenshots and software downloads.
  • DriveTweak - A graphical program equivalent to hdparm which allows system management one to tweak drive settings. Gnome and Kde system management versions are available.
  • KBatt - Battery Applet for laptops. Download, building and installing system management and kde some screenshots.
  • KSim - A system monitor application that has its own utilities plugin system system management with support for GKrellm skins. Describes utilities the application, downloads, screenshots, system management news and a description utilities of the developer API.
  • KMemStat - A viewer for memory usage under Linux.
  • KLinuxScsiManager - With this Application you can scan all your kde SCSI hostadapters for devices or remove a specified kde device from the system.
  • KDE Load Average Applet - A load average panel applet, showing a system load average kde graph.
  • Kiosktool - A Point&Click tool for system administrators to enable system management KDE\\'s kde KIOSK features or otherwise preconfigure KDE for system management groups of kde users.
  • Add_konsole - A perl script to add remote logins to kde the "New" menu in konsole.
  • kload - A performance monitoring program for KDE/Linux.
  • kddgz - A KDE application to backup and to restore utilities hard disk system management partition images. It uses the Linux utilities command-line utility "dd" and system management zlib.
  • Kpasman - A password manager for KDE.
  • Santafu - "Small And Nice Temperature And Fanspeed Utility". Uses kde lm_sensors to provide information about temperatures (CPU and kde system), the rotations speeds of attached fans (CPU kde and system) and to display the current values kde of the voltages used in the s
  • Kapacity - A laptop battery and CPU temperature monitor for kde Linux kernels utilities with ACPI support.
  • kfan - An application for controlling a Toshiba\'s laptop internal fan.

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