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Based on Qt toolkit. Allows simple logging of trips, replaying logged trips, real-time moving map display, adding and editing your own maps and features.

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  • Kdsl - KDE Broadband - A frontend to pppd for connecting to the internet with kde ADSL. About, screenshots, download, help.
  • KLapJack - A KDE client for the popular online journalling site LiveJournal, networking but will also work with any LiveJournal compatible site, such networking as and DeadJournal.
  • Guarddog - A firewall configuration utility for Linux. It is aimed at users who are not experts in TCP/IP networking and security.
  • KTicker - Displays headlines from selected sites.
  • KcmDhcpd - A DHCP configuration Manager.
  • KWvDial - A KDE based graphical re-implementation of WorldVisions\\' WvDial networking Intelligent PPP Dialler.
  • KDirAdmin - KDE Directory Administrator. An LDAP Directory management tool written for networking the KDE Desktop Environment version 2 or later. It aims networking to provide all of the functionality of most commercial directory networking management tools.
  • QNmap - A KDE nmap frontend.
  • Aethera - PIM program, handles many kinds of personal information: email, contacts, notes, tasks, todos, journals. Various communication features to: send/receive email, task and appointment requests by email, send SMSs via web gateways.
  • kphonecenter - An application based on Rapidcom Voice for Windows. It is an app that lets you use a voice modem as an answering machine,and a Fax.
  • HamFax - An application for sending and receiving facsimiles in desktop environments amateur radio and for receiving public facsimile broadcasts desktop environments like weather maps. Description, Documentation, Requirements and Download.
  • Kptc - A KDE2 application for operating comfortable with the desktop environments communication kde hardware SCS PTC-II ( or PTC-IIe, PTC-IIpro).
  • KWebSearch - A utility that can call search engines to networking search the web.
  • KNetDump - A net-tool for analysing and visualizing basic protocols desktop environments of networking the OSI layer 1-4.
  • KSiemens - A small KDE2 application aiming to managing the Siemens mobile networking phone series S25/35 via IrDA or serial cable.
  • KTelnet - A manager for remote sessions.
  • aKregator - A KDE RSS aggregator.
  • KChat - A program to chat with KDE in LAN\\'s. desktop environments A kde windows version is planned, too.
  • KImageMapEditor - Allows you to load an existing image map kde from an HTML file, edit it, and save kde the new map to a new HTML file, kde that includes the appropriate image tag.
  • KTnef - A TNEF viewer/extractor. It fully integrates with the kde KDE environment desktop environments and can be registered as opening kde application for e-mail clients.
  • KPilot - Back up and restore your pilot data with this KDE kde application.
  • KWebWatch - A small utility designed to monitor urls, checking networking for changes. It docks into the KDE 2.0 networking panel and can also be used as a networking launching pad for viewing urls in your favorite networking browser.
  • The PLP Tools project homepage - A tool for Unix that allows EPOC devices networking to be mounted by users. Includes kio_plp, A networking KIOslave for KDE2 which adds a new protocol networking "psion:/" to the list of known protocols of networking KDE2\\'s generic I/O library. This enables all KDE2 networking applications to deal w
  • KSnuffle - A KDE Network Sniffer.
  • Kpass - An Internet password manager for KDE 2.
  • Infusion - A cross-platform communications environment which is designed to kde work with kde the Citadel/UX Communication Server.
  • KPPP - The KDE internet dialer. Graphically set up your kde PPP connection.
  • KOrinoco - A client manager for wireless LAN-cards that tries kde to clone networking the "Client Manager" from Lucent Technologies, kde Inc. It provides information networking about your access point, kde connection quality and other stuff.
  • GPS Receiver - Based on Qt toolkit. Allows simple logging of networking trips, replaying kde logged trips, real-time moving map display, networking adding and editing your kde own maps and features.
  • Quanta Plus - An HTML editor and a web development for kde the K Desktop Environment.
  • KKinit - A KDE front end for managing Kerberos tickets.
  • KPinger - A graphical frontend for the ping utility.
  • myldapklient - A small LDAP-to-KAB bridging client. It provides a desktop environments link desktop environments from an LDAP server to KAB (and desktop environments then to desktop environments KMail).
  • KTroute - A KDE2 frontend to the traceroute command. It networking allows you desktop environments to take full control on all networking options and settings.
  • DialMon - The Linux DialD monitor. DialD is the Linux daemon which networking provides dial-on-demand for dialup machines and networks. DialMon is a networking daemon and clients which allows users on other machines on networking the network (at present, Windows and X/KDE clients) to see networking the state
  • KNetfilter - a KDE application designed to manage the netfilter desktop environments functionalities that will come with the new kernel desktop environments 2.4.x.
  • KMyFirewall - An iptables based firewall configuration tool. Downloads, feature networking description, screenshots, forum and links.
  • knmapfe - A front-end to the nmap portscanner.
  • - kpf - A public fileserver for KDE. Lists the features desktop environments and networking provides the software for downloading.
  • KMasqDialer - A GUI to connect from multiple machines to networking the internet through one modem using IP masquerading. networking Uses the masqdialer system.
  • KOrn - A KDE-compliant X11 program that monitors UNIX mailbox kde files for desktop environments incoming and unread messsages.
  • KPPPLoad - Displays statistics for the PPP Network Connection.
  • openSNMP - A project to support the Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • KSniff - A KDE network sniff/analysis tool.
  • kift - A client for giFT, the generic interface to networking FastTrackTM. networking FastTrack is a peer-to-peer network used networking by KaZaATM and MorpheusTM.
  • The KSnuffle Manual - The online manual of KSNuffle a network traffic networking monitor for the KDE desktop.
  • Kafka - A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You desktop environments Get) Web development system for KDE.
  • knewkde - A program like kwebheadlines.
  • LineControl - An application suite to remotely control a NAT desktop environments (masquerading) servers internet connection.
  • Watchdog - Watchdog is a real time firewall monitor. It desktop environments monitors kde the system log for firewall log messages desktop environments generated by kde a running firewall.
  • KWiFiManager - Wireless LAN client manager for KDE3
  • KOffle - A KDE-tool for managing your wwwoffle spools (http and ftp) kde and your outgoing requests.
  • Popper - A very simple, easy-to-use and functional network messager. kde It works using the Samba suite of programs, kde and is thus compatible with Microsoft Windows\'s messaging. kde Screenshot, description, Download.
  • KNmap - KDE frontend for Nmap, a utility for port scanning large networking networks.

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