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Intended to be a feature-rich mind mapping program, offering "fork style" as well as "bubble style" mind maps.

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  • KDVI - A DVI previewer for KDE.
  • KConfigure - Simplifies compiling and installing software by providing a graphical interface.
  • KDE Personal Information Management - An overview over the applications, libraries, roadmaps and kde other interesting productivity details about KDE-PIM-Applications that are available.
  • Atleto - An Open Source program for logging physical activities desktop environments written in C++ using the Qt library. It desktop environments supports logging of run, swim and bicycling workouts. desktop environments Diary and weekly views of the data in desktop environments metric and imperial system.
  • Kile - LaTeX front end for KDE, that integrates many desktop environments tools productivity needed to develop documents with LaTeX, in desktop environments just one productivity application.
  • Retail Auto Auction - This software, written in Python and Qt, provides kde a complete network-based Point-of-Sale software solution for an kde auto auction company.
  • GOFAI-WMT - Good old fashional artificial intelligence with a modern productivity twist. A program to organize arbitrary kind of productivity data into structure of nodes and interconnections.
  • Konqueror/Embedded - Goal: build a version of KDE Web browser Konqueror to run on Qt/Embedded platform for embedded devices.
  • The small Kotitz - Address management via KDE/Qt and Mysql Database, specially for German kde non profit organisations (but can perhaps be used by others kde too).
  • Queesio - Intends to be a flowcharting package similar to desktop environments the commercial software "Visio".
  • TuxCards - A hierarchical notebook system to organize notes into categories. Features, requirements and download.
  • KDiary - A personal or professional Diary.
  • Advance - A personal information management (PIM) system. Advance was designed to desktop environments look and function in a similar manner to Microsoft Outlook. desktop environments Screenshots, FAQ, downloads and links.
  • The Suite Strategy of Konquering the Desktop - Linux desktops are far more feature-rich than even productivity 6 or 12 months ago; each new release productivity brings more functions and applications. Article with forum productivity comments. []
  • QCad - A free open-source 2D CAD system for Linux.
  • KMouth - A KDE program which enables persons that cannot speak to productivity let their computer speak, e.g. mutal people or people who productivity have lost their voice. Description and software download.
  • KGesture - A gesture recognition application for KDE2. KGesture uses productivity libstroke to productivity recognize definable gestures, then run an productivity associated command.
  • DOG (Data Organizer) - The Linux Bookmark Organizer. It imports and exports productivity Netscape bookmark files, kfm bookmarks (.kdelnk files) and productivity Windows Favorites (Import only).
  • KBackup - A backup program for UNIX machines.
  • Kontact - A Personal Information Management suite that can be used as productivity client for different groupware servers. It provides an email client, productivity calendaring, meeting scheduling, a task list, contact management and syncing productivity functionality by integrating existing application
  • KBerichtsheft - Support for the "Berichtsheft", a kind of a report German trainees have to write about their apprenticeship. News about the application, documentation and download.
  • KOrganizer - Calendar and appointment manager.
  • qlwm - A Qt based window manager.
  • Konqueror - The successor of kfm. The file manager and web browser in KDE 2.x.
  • Konsole - Konsole is the X terminal emulator of KDE kde with support kde for several sessions. Provides a changelog, kde description and documentation as kde well as screenshots and kde downloads.
  • MyMap - Intended to be a feature-rich mind mapping program, offering "fork productivity style" as well as "bubble style" mind maps.
  • KDE::Enterprise - The aim of this site is to provide businesses and desktop environments enterprises the information and tools needed to use KDE as desktop environments a development and/or integration platform.
  • Kphonecenter - An application inspired by Rapidcom Voice for Windows. It is an application that lets you use a voice modem as an answering machine,and a Fax.
  • Geheimnis - A PGP shell for KDE, previously called kPGPShell.
  • Process View Browser - An application from concept similar to an internet browser, but productivity intended for the use in industrial process visualisation.
  • KRunning - An application for handling running events. Manage runners, desktop environments enter kde time, print results and certificates. Description, downloads, desktop environments changelog. [Partly kde German]
  • KXMLEditor. - XML Editor for KDE.
  • LinPsk - A Psk31 ham radio program for Linux. It desktop environments is productivity originally based on WinPsk 1.0 by Moe desktop environments Wheatley, AE4JY.
  • KPrayerTime Applet - This KDE applet provides a schedule of prayer desktop environments times for the day. Software download and a desktop environments few screenshots.
  • Kydpdict - A front-end to YDP Collins' dictionary.
  • Kuml - An open source visual UML diagram editor for KDE.
  • Kchart - A project intended to be a generic diagram kde maker that allows one to draw any kind kde of diagrams.
  • Bookcase - A book collection manager. Information about the application, kde screenshots, downloads and links.
  • Kate - The KDE Advanced Text Editor\\'s Homepage. News, Screenshots kde and a desktop environments description of the application and planned kde features.
  • KDE Integration Project - The goal is to provide tight (but optional) desktop environments integration of the to the KDE environment desktop environments beginning with KDE look and feel and ending desktop environments with KDE data sources.
  • Kaspaliste - A knowledge database which handles of books, articles, kde journals, webpages.

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