Scientific Productivity KDE Desktop Environments

Lists applications that provide features that help Scientist perform their work.

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See Also:
  • KBibTeX - A BibTeX editor for KDE.
  • MathPlanner - A mathematical design and publishing tool.
  • krot - A program for the display and analysis of productivity HRLIF spectra. productivity Calculation of spectra including centrifugal distortion, productivity torsion-rotation interactions, axis reorientation. productivity Auto- and cross-correlation of productivity spectra and simulations.
  • XDrawChem - A two-dimensional molecule drawing program utilizing the Qt-Library.
  • samplin - Scientific Data Acquisition, Visualization and Process Control software for Linux kde and other unix platforms.
  • Kemistry - A collection of chemistry application for the K scientific Desktop Environment.
  • KSciPlot - An application to plot mathematical functions.
  • ViPEC Network Analyzer - A powerful tool for the analysis of high kde frequency, linear electrical networks.
  • Kpl - A program for two-dimensional graphical presentation of data productivity sets and productivity functions.
  • KSimus - A KDE tool for simulation, automatization and visualization of technical kde processes. It is also useful for education and experiments in kde the scope of logical and automatic control circuits. Documentation, Screenshots, kde News, Download.
  • KMatplot - A gnuplot-like tool for plotting data sets in kde both two or three dimensions.
  • KMol - A molecular weight and elemental composition calculator.
  • KSEG - A program for exploring Euclidean geometry.
  • KDMM - Measuring with Digital Multimeters - An application to use digital multimeters with serial interface (RS 232) together with your computer.
  • Kalamaris - A scientific applications similar to Mathematica in some productivity aspects, but productivity offers a new approach to solve productivity mathematical problems.
  • Genes - A personal genealogy database manager, will use the productivity GEDCOM file scientific format in the future.
  • Kfem - Software to perform Finite Elements Method calculations.
  • K Polish Notation Calculator - A reverse polish notation scientific calculator.

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