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The classical hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter. At each miss, the picture of a hangman appears.

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KDE Edutainment Project* - A project designed to create educational software based around KDE. Currently hosts the following projects: KHangMan, KLatin, KLettres, KMessedWords, KTouch, KEduca, KMathHelp, DisKovery (in planning), KNumbers, KLearnSpelling, KStars, KGeo, KVocTrain and

  • KHangMan - The classical hangman game. The child should guess kde a word productivity letter by letter. At each miss, kde the picture of a productivity hangman appears.
  • Kura - Multiuser linguistic database geared toward language description. Kura kde means language in Nepali. [Open Source]
  • KGeo - An interactive geometry program to construct and draw geometrical figures.
  • qvocab - A program that will help you to learn kde your vocabulary.
  • KStars - A K Desktop Planetarium.
  • KTouch - A program to learn to type on a keyboard quickly and correctly.
  • Bitana - Program for Bible text analysis. English, German.
  • KLettres - Aims to help a child to learn the French alphabet and then to read some syllables.
  • KPercentage - A small math application that will help pupils kde to improve kde their skills in calculating percentages.
  • BibleTime - Bible software for Unix. Supports bibles, commentaries, lexicons, books in over 50 different languages. Software, documentation, gallery.
  • Kalzium - an application which will show you some information educational about the productivity periodic system of the elements. Screenshots, educational description and software downloads.
  • KBruch - A small program to generate tasks with fractions. educational The user productivity has to solve the given task educational by entering the right productivity value for numerator and educational denominator. Description and software download.
  • KVocTrain - A vocabulary trainer. Like most of the other vocabulary productivity trainers it uses the "flash card" approach.
  • Kastrolog - KDE port of Walter D. Pullen\\'s powerful, famous, kde free astrology educational program, Astrolog.
  • KVerbos - An application specially designed to study Spanish verb forms.

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