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For use in schools from nursery through to KS4. Supporting the teaching of focused curriculum objectives in literacy and numeracy as well as the foundation subjects.

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  • FileTutor 2000 - Teach your students all 12 ARMA alphabetic filing rules. There are no books or additional materials to buy.
  • Bright Blue Software - Manufacturer and distributor of curriculum-based software for K-12 computers schools and computers districts.
  • DEC Software - Educational software including Classroom Jeopardy, Millionaire, Classroom Feud, PowerPoint Chemistry educational Presentations and Chemistry Animations.
  • Topics Entertainment - A company publishing software for learning foreign languages, educational education, reference software and productivity.
  • CATS Educational Software - For use in schools from nursery through to software KS4. computers Supporting the teaching of software focused curriculum objectives in computers literacy and numeracy as software well as the foundation subjects.
  • Software for Kids - Provides links to companies and publications specializing in software for computers children.
  • Quizzler Pro - Provides quiz software for Palm and Pocket PC. You can software download a variety of free quizzes, or create your own.
  • GeoGebra - A geometry package providing for both graphical and software algebraic input. computers Includes the program and worksheets software for download, as well computers as screenshots and documentation.
  • Computer Parent Company - Offering family software that teaches discipline and responsibility. software With screenshots, computers feature details, newsletter and FAQs.
  • Ivy Learning Software - Learning software delivered online or via CD for computers computing and other topics.
  • Advantage Learning Systems, Inc. - Provides learning information systems which consist of computer educational software and related training to improve student academic educational performance for kindergarten through senior high school students. educational (Nasdaq: ALSI).
  • Edugeeks - Provides children's educational software to help basic skills.

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