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[Win] A family of Windows applications and web services enabling computer users to improve their typing efficiency. Also offers free typing tests.

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  • FrKeys - Typing Accents and Special Characters - A utility that lets you type accents and special characters into any Windows program by clicking on a button on a floating menu bar.
  • Lerdeaux One-Handed Keyboarding Program - Typing tutor for one hand only for individuals software with special software needs. Four programs within one Software software Package. Right or left-handed software - with or without software help from the other hand.
  • Captain Keyboard - A "Space Invaders" style game that teaches typing.
  • Look & Learn Keyboard - A special patented color coded keyboard to make educational learning typing software easy and a free Typing Tutor educational on CD.
  • KeyRight - Learn to type - By using the KeyRight Look and Learn Typing educational Solution you typing will develop the correct motor skills, educational muscle memory and hand-eye typing coordination for fast, accurate educational and safe typing.
  • Touch Typing Tutor - Touch Typing Software, Typing Test and Touch Typing educational Tutor Games
  • Typing-Tutorial - [Win] Touch typing software with lessons, speed tests software and free typing games.
  • eText typeSmart - Learn to type in less than 6 hours. typing Using the direct-reach eText Method.
  • GNU Typist - [Win - Unix] Free tutor adaptable to multiple languages (currently English, German and Spanish) and keyboards (currently Spanish and US qwerty and Dvorak). Also known as gtypist.
  • Master Key - [Win - Mac] Straightforward typing tutor that uses educational the interface educational you already know on both Mac educational and Windows. Contains fun educational and challenging game, ParaTyper.
  • TypingMaster - [Win] A family of Windows applications and web software services enabling computer users to improve their typing software efficiency. Also offers free typing tests.
  • Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor - [Win-Mac] Learn touch typing skills. Features introductory quiz typing to customize typing package, full support for both QWERTY typing and Dvorak keyboards and typing animated demonstrations.
  • Typing Tester - [Win] Timed test of typing speed and error typing rate.
  • Tux Typing - [Linux] An open-source educational typing tutorial game.
  • Nimblefingers - A free program for learning touch typing quickly. educational For all age groups. Additional features when registered.
  • EliteTyping - [Win] Teaches touch typing for both adults and typing children. Provides software reports and optional customization.
  • Typing Pal - [Win] Typing tutor offering a fully customized learning scenario that suits both beginners and those with more keyboard experience.
  • Touch Typist Typing Tutor - [Win] Typing tutor from Sector Software teaches touch typing typing on the qwerty keyboard for children and typing adults of all ages. Online ordering via secure typing server.
  • SES Type - [Win or RISC-OS 3] public domain (free), touch-typing course teaches educational accurate typing. Instructions are online.
  • Nail It Now Typing Tutor - For busy people. A free preview is available educational online.
  • Keyboard Master Typing Tutor - [Win] Typing tutor with games instead of boring drills. Good for both kids and adults. Various course scenarios. Free Trial. Net version for schools and courses.
  • Learn To Type Fast - Learn To Type in Just 90 Minutes with KAZ Typing software Tutor. Learn to touch type at home, in school and software in business. Download typing tutor, learn to type online or software via CD ROM.
  • Voiced Keyboard - [Win] Avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as educational soon as you type them.
  • Roller Typing - [Win] This program teaches typing skills through 5 software rollerblading events. typing The first two events focus on software accuracy and proper fingering typing techniques, and final three software events focus on speed and accuracy.
  • Key o'key - Simple typing tutor. Trial version to download.
  • Laser Typing - Typing tutor using a simple game to teach typing.
  • RapidTyping - Improve your typing skills with free touch typing software tutor for typing adults and kids. [Win]
  • Touch Typing Deluxe - Typing tutor in 22 lessons. Six different lesson educational types and a detailed result analysis provide diversified educational and effective training. An intelligent free writing mode educational is available. The programme is server and network educational compatible.
  • Type Booster - Typing assistant - Type Booster lets you type fast and accurate. typing It automatically educational completes words as you type. You typing can create shortcuts for educational a most frequently used typing phrases.
  • Ainsworth Keyboard Training Systems - Typing tutor and 10-key software for individuals, schools, software and corporations. software Download and evaluate typing software software that builds communication skills.
  • GS Typing Tutor - [Win]A full-featured software for helping you to learn touch typing quickly through an amusing, easy, and effective way, for both adults and children.
  • KP Typing Tutor series - [Win] Supports Qwerty, Dvorak keyboards and many European educational languages. The Client/Server edition is for classrooms and educational offices. The layouts and courses are customizable. Free educational typing/spelling generator is available.
  • Super Typing Wizard - instructional typing program - The Super Typing Wizard program has been developed to teach you the keyboard, develop your typing accuracy and increase your typing speed.
  • TypeFaster Typing Tutor [Win] - A free typing tutor that teaches you how educational to touchtype. educational It supports many keyboard layouts, including educational the numeric keypad.
  • Flash Typing Tutor - [Win - Mac] Offers color, tactile and audible typing clues to teach typing for every age. Online typing demo.
  • Learn To Type - Site showing the benefits of learning to type, software focusing on educational business, educational and home use. Online software ordering system for the educational sites recommended typing tutor software software.
  • Englishtype Touch Typing Tutor - Typing course for children. Uses lessons, speed test typing and games. Ideal for use in schools and typing homes. Available in single user and network versions. typing Secure online purchasing available.
  • Autotyping - Speed typing program. Word/Phrase AutoComplete And Shorthand AutoExpand.
  • Kiran's Typing Tutor - [Win] Simple typing tutor. Free download.
  • Accu-Type 4 - [Win] tutor in English, French, Spanish or Polish educational takes as little as 12 hours to train educational for touch typing.
  • ITouchType - A typing training system that comes in both standalone and network versions.
  • SuperKids Typing Software Review - Parent, teacher, and student teams\\' results of comparing nine typing programs.
  • Touch Typing Now! - [win] Friendly typing tutor with games. Free trial. educational 30 days typing refund guarantee.
  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor - [Win] Full-featured tutorial.
  • Kids 'n' Keys Typing Tutor Game - A learning game to introduce children to the keyboard and typing teach them keyboarding and mouse skills.

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