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CTIE is a research and development center at the University of Missouri dedicated to the reform of teaching and learning methods at all education levels through the innovative application of technology.

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  • Centre for Learning, Knowing & Interactive Technologies - Concerned with developing theories and practices which increase education understanding of how cultural, cognitive and technological tools education shape and support learning and knowing.
  • Learning Solutions Group - A team of instructional development experts create customized, needs-based training material to improve employee knowledge, skills, and performance.
  • ETEC Connections - Tools, resources, grant information and ideas for technology education integration standards reference with beginning and advanced levels.
  • Round World Media - Provides commercial online instruction on various subjects such reference as Flash 5 and HTML. Services for design reference and development of educational media for the web reference and interactive TV also available.
  • MicroSoft in Education: Instructional Resources - Lesson plans and tutorials to help learn Microsoft applications and implement them in the classroom.
  • Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E.) Journal - T.H.E. Online is the leading Technology based education reference publication for instructional technology K-12 and higher education. T.H.E. Online reference contains information, news and instructional technology activities related to the reference use of educational technology.
  • Education Consumers ClearingHouse - Subscription-supported e-mailing list whose purpose is to empower instructional technology education\\'s consumers. Subscribers ask questions, post information and instructional technology opinion, or just follow the various discussions.
  • Microsoft in Education - Links to resources and partners available to help both schools (K-12) and higher education.
  • Technology & Learning Online - A magazine for K-12 school administrators, teachers, and instructional technology technology coordinators, has reviews and other interactive features.
  • LESTER: Learning Science and Technology Repository - An online community and database focused on innovations education in learning science and technology (LST) that profiles education innovative research projects and researchers. Registered users can education add, update, or modify records about their projects education and organization, thereby
  • Virtual Adaptive Learning Architecture Project - VALA focuses on developing a learning architecture with education user interface instructional technology adaptability that provides a personalized learning education environment for each learner
  • The Journal of Virtual Environments - The Journal of Virtual Environments is a refereed education electronic journal instructional technology which publishes research that relates to education Virtual Environments or makes instructional technology use of Virtual Environments.
  • From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal - Technology for schools; technology for learning.
  • MultiMedia Schools Magazine - A practical how-to magazine that addresses multiple technologies instructional technology used instructional technology in K-12 schools today-CD-ROM, multimedia, online, and instructional technology Internet resources. instructional technology Articles, columns, news, and product reviews instructional technology are contributed by instructional technology practicing educators who use new instructional technology technologies i
  • Louisiana Region 4 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center - Training for educators in Louisiana\\'s Region 4 using reference peer-instructor modeling of technology-connected lessons based on content reference standards.
  • Florida Educational Technology Corporation - In addition to providing an annual conference with instructional technology the education opportunity to review the latest technology trends, instructional technology this site education has technology articles with hyperlinks to instructional technology resources.
  • Halff Resources - Consulting services for instructional technology research, design, development, instructional technology and reference implementation.
  • - Training modules for email, word processing, spreadsheets, data education bases, and presentations as well as resources in education media literacy, math, art, and special education.
  • Sara Jalali: Multimedia Producer - Consultant for educational software, web-based training, and multimedia. education Site education also has her professional and personal education links.
  • J/P Associates - Commercial video products for Direct Instruction, a reading instructional technology program, reference as well as language, math, and technology instructional technology offerings.
  • Total Recall Learning, Inc. - Multimedia approach to memorization of data in such areas reference as nutrition, spelling, names, marketing, and avoiding sexual harassment.
  • Educators' studies involving using media and multimedia - Does using multimedia help in education? This article addresses this question.
  • School Web of Instructional Media Database (SWIM) - A Web-based, searchable database that allows for access education by students and teachers to different instructional media.
  • Great Expectations: Content, Communications, Productivity, and the Role of Information Technology in Higher Education - Important challenges which higher education must address with instructional technology realistic education expectations and objectives, mindful about real costs, instructional technology attentive to education the capacity to deliver, and focused instructional technology on the needs education of an increasingly heterogeneous clientele instructional technology in a rapidly changing
  • Education & Computer Connection - Resources, links, state testing tips and strategies, lesson reference plans, web adventures, and lots of links.
  • EDTECH - Information page for the largest electronic mailing list education devoted to education technology in education.
  • - Free, printable lesson plans and class activities for reference teachers of Spanish.
  • International Conference on New Technologies in Education ICTE2002 - November, 2002, conference in Spain..
  • Center For Technology Innovations in Education - CTIE is a research and development center at the University reference of Missouri dedicated to the reform of teaching and learning reference methods at all education levels through the innovative application of reference technology.
  • North American Simulation and Gaming Association - Links to web sites with components of design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations to improve learning results. Also includes a catalog of games and links to articles on such topics as getting a group to think like a genius and managin
  • The Flashcard Exchange - Numerous subject and grade-specific cards available to review online, download, reference print, or customize. Also includes educational links and services.
  • World Association for Online Education - WAOE: Combining dedication to online learning with fun instructional technology and cultural exchange.
  • ISOC - Interactive Socrates Projects Database - Projects supported by the Socrates program for international cooperation in instructional technology education and research. Projects are categorized according to target group, instructional technology theme, and subject. Focus on new technology in learning and instructional technology distance education.
  • Adoption of Learning Technologies in Schools and Universities - Scholarly article reporting on stages and repeating patterns education that shape education the IT adoption process.
  • Journal of Technology Education - Provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics instructional technology relating education to technology education.
  • Computer Mediated Communication - Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication On the Web Quarterly Since June, 1995
  • On the Horizon - Provides an information database and a forum that reference explores the education implications of a rapidly changing world reference on educational organizations and education processes, and examines ways reference to make educational organizations and programs education more effective.
  • Quiz Hub - Links to online games, puzzles, and quizzes.
  • The New Curriculum - Original columns on classroom uses of technology and practices in professional development. Links to lesson plans, utilities, best of the web, educational technology forums, and news. Free subscription..
  • ScienceMan - A non-profit initiative aimed at helping teachers and students cope with technology integration. Many photographs of computer setups, and a good number of science resources.
  • CREATE for Mississippi - How to view web sites offline, use an reference LCD projector education for wireless laptops, use a HP reference Scanjet, and record data/audio education as well as lesson reference plans, handouts and links.
  • Project ECOLE - Virginia teachers\\' automated curriculum which links national standards instructional technology and reference Virginia standards of learning to activities, lesson instructional technology plans, projects reference and automated testing component for students. instructional technology Requires password.
  • CSCL 2001 - The European Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 2001 reference was held at Maastricht, The Netherlands, on March reference 22-24, 2001. Euro-CSCL 2001 is devoted to the reference exploration of technology in collaborative forms of learning, reference teaching and working.
  • The Hole-In-The-Wall - Minimally invasive education experiments conducted by NIIT. Free Internet kiosks instructional technology provided to slum children who were unfamiliar with computers and instructional technology the Internet led to learning.
  • De Wilde CBT N.V. - Web Based Language Learning - In addition to retail and freeware versions of language learning instructional technology modules with exercises and results viewer, this site allows importation instructional technology of electronic text, sound, picture, or video for custom multimedia instructional technology exercises.
  • Stanford University - Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • The Association For Educational Communications &Technology - Articles and activities to provide leadership in educational communications and instructional technology technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the instructional technology use of educational technology and its application to the learning instructional technology process.
  • Adobe in Education: Resources for Educators and Students - Tips and tricks, online tutorials, discussion forums, and resources.
  • Apple Education - Contains information about educational technology research, reports, funding, reference as well reference as links to other websites.
  • A Complete Manual of Videotaping and Editing Techniques - A manual written for beginning videographers, parents and reference educators which education includes discussions on equipment, videotaping situations, reference scripting, and other related education topics.
  • Evaluating the Impact of Technology - Article on three main purposes of Instructional technology and how reference its usefulness can be evaluated.
  • Distance Education at a Glance - Guides for Teachers and Administrators - A series of guides distilled from the books education by Barry instructional technology Willis, "Distance Education–Strategies" and "Tools and education Distance Education–A Practical Guide."

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