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3800+ reviews of the latest children's educational software. "Software Finder" to make finding reviews easier. "Mailbag" for you to ask questions about software and technology for children.

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  • Learning Village Ltd. - Software guide for parents and teachers that provides guides and directories reviews on the best children\\'s educational software written guides and directories by experienced educators who use software in the guides and directories learning context.
  • Children's Software Revue - 3800+ reviews of the latest children\\'s educational software. software "Software Finder" guides and directories to make finding reviews easier. "Mailbag" software for you to ask guides and directories questions about software and software technology for children.
  • Bob Bowman's Guide to Free Educational Technology - How-to guides on finding and using free technology and software educational for education. Links to tutorials, software reviews and related resources.
  • New Teaching Shareware - Collection of shareware in different areas.
  • SuperKids Educational Software Review - Provides impartial reviews of children\\'s software by parents, guides and directories educational teachers, and kids.
  • Computing With Kids - Weekly syndicated column available as a free eZine. guides and directories software Discusses issues relating to computing with kids guides and directories software and reviews software, websites, smart toys, and peripherals.
  • Educational Software Directory - Annotated. Links to reviews, publications, publishers, guides and directories and related organizations.
  • Memorization Software Reviewed - A survey on drill and practice computer programs guides and directories that can be applied to the learning of guides and directories vocabulary, historical dates, formulas, etc. Reviews are based guides and directories on carefully developed pedagogical guidelines.
  • Beakerware - Descriptions and reviews of software available for teaching guides and directories guides and directories biology at the college level.
  • DynoTech Software - Educational software and puzzle games.
  • Educational Resources for Electronics - Discussion of the role of CAI and CBT in teaching software electricity and electronics. Also provides links to sites providing free software and trial software for teaching electricity.
  • The Review Corner - Children\'s software reviews with ratings, educational product reviews, software news.

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