Educational Windows Shareware Software

Allows creation of dynamic lesson plans of any complexity. Also creates schemes of work. Import or export facility for sharing resources.

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  • Microprocessor Simulator 8085 - A pedagogical tool, which can be used to supplement a course on microprocessor/computer organization, as a learning aid.
  • Crammer - Flashcard and reminder software aimed to teach new foreign words or any other terms. Drills in language vocabulary, facts, math, history, or whatever subject picked.
  • ESC Software Library - Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) is a non-profit group offering a broad range of downloadable educational software.
  • Sheppard Software - Educational shareware, choose from our Prediction, subject learning, windows or math shareware software.
  • Vocab Builder for Windows - Software for GRE SAT preparation or general vocabulary improvement, user windows can filter the words in terms of degree of difficulty.
  • Moulton Software - Makers of Speech Timer, software based speech practice tool, and educational a tool for timers in a Toastmasters meeting.
  • EarthBrowser - Dynamic 3D Earth model shows current weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and shareware clouds. For Macintosh and Windows.
  • LJ Software - Educational program to help students learn States, Capitals and State educational Flags. Could be used as teachers aids as well.
  • Elemware - Children can learn the basic math skills of educational addition, subtraction, shareware multiplication, and division. [Windows XP]
  • E-Z Access Software - EZ-Index for Windows 3.1/95 only, an article index for selected magazines and periodicals, including National Geographic, Traveler, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Equinox and Canadian Geographic.
  • Teaching Templates Educational Software - A varied, timesaving and award-winning set of eight shareware authoring tools shareware that help to create interactive, Web-based shareware exercises, tests and quizzes.
  • AptiQuiz - Test management software, to create, manage and administer tests. [Windows shareware 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
  • Multi Maze Mountain 2 - A Windows 95 maze game about the multiplication educational tables 1 to 20. Object of the game educational is for the player to collect three colored educational keys to open the door to the exit educational of the maze.
  • CyberSky - Astronomy program that animates the sky like a educational planetarium. [Windows 98/Me/2000//XP/Vista]
  • Artefact Dictionary - Complete solution to get an explanation of any word, regardless of where it is displayed. Package includes explanatory Webster\\'s Dictionary, with the ability to download other dictionaries.
  • Cool Software For Teachers - Educational games, teaching tools and administration utilities.
  • Einstein - Software to create quizzes. Define both a question shareware and the windows correct answer. Answer maybe either be shareware text or graphic. [Windows windows 95/98]
  • Software For Education - A microprocessor and peripheral simulator that makes low educational level programming shareware fun.
  • StepWare, Inc. - AceReader is a Self Improvement Educational Productivity tool windows for speed reading while on the computer.
  • Mathcard - Easy to use concentration style math learning game.
  • TypingMaster - Tool for learning to touch-type efficiently.
  • 8085 Simulator IDE - An application that supplies 8085 developers with graphical shareware environment for Windows and integrated BASIC compiler, assembler, shareware disassembler, simulator (emulator) and debugger.
  • VTrain Vocabulary Trainer - Time-saving quiz program for 40+ languages, with a powerful multimedia editor. Free for schools. [Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP]
  • AceReader, StepWare, Inc. - Creator of self-improvement educational speed reading software. [Win 3.1/95/98/Me/NT/2000/Mac]
  • DefineIt Online Definitions - Look up a complete online definition of a word by simply dragging and dropping it into a small floating window. [MacOS X, MacOS 8 / 9 (PPC), Windows 95-XP]
  • WISCO Computing - LangPad provides an easy way to insert foreign windows language characters, shareware math, currency, and literary symbols into windows WordPad and Notepad text. shareware [Win 95/98/ME/2000]
  • RecallPlus - Software used to improve study efficiency. Create and shareware share study notes using it. Downloaded evaluation version shareware may be upgraded via the Internet.
  • QA-Coach - Software to aid in the skill of learning. Through a educational question and answer training assistant. Product overview, screen shot, and educational download. [Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP]
  • Icon Poet - A writing toy for human/machine collaboration. User supplies windows structure by educational clicking on word categories and program windows suggests content through randomness.
  • KanjiQuick - Searchable dictionary for kanji characters and compounds. [Windows 2000/XP]
  • Random Test Generator-PRO - Software is designed for educators at any level windows to develop databanks of test questions from which windows randomly selected questions are then extracted to create windows tests. Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature provides students an added windows benefit to hear a crisp synthesized v
  • TimeS Challenge - A small game designed to help kids learn windows and practice windows basic math operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication windows and division on whole windows numbers.
  • LatticeWork Software - Creators of award-winning game and educational software. [Win educational 95/98]
  • Kids Domain - Macintosh and PC software reviewed by families and shareware teachers.
  • ndxCards - Software for taking freeform notes and writing research papers using shareware electronic index cards. Search notes by keywords, sources and authors.
  • Universal Study Helper - Software that helps one study and memorize foreign educational words, grammar educational forms, historical events and any conceivable educational topic with a distinct educational set of terms and educational definitions. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
  • FLIX Productions - Specializes in animated educational software for children. [Win 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT/DOS]
  • Ectaco - Dictionary and translation software, for more than 20 windows languages. [Win95/98/NT/CE]
  • SAT GRE Crash Course - Aids with the verbal sections of the SAT shareware and GRE shareware tests. It features a study level shareware and five different learning shareware levels. By Sheppard Software.
  • More Than Typing - Improve typing and analysis skills. Create situations for analysis and practice. Download trial, software features, and purchase information.
  • Teachers Lesson Planner - Allows creation of dynamic lesson plans of any windows complexity. Also educational creates schemes of work. Import or windows export facility for sharing educational resources.
  • Ray Le Couteur Educational Homepage - Educational shareware for home and school.
  • ThaiTrainer111 - Quick and easy way to study and learn shareware the Thai windows language independently. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME]
  • Quiz-Buddy - Program to memorize historical dates, new words, foreign educational languages, and shareware definitions. Suitable for SAT, PSAT, ACT, educational and GRE tests. Product shareware specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • WordRace - Fun and educational spelling game. Random letters come at ever increasing speed. The object is to get rid of the letters by using them to spell words before the Letter List overflows. [Windows 95/98/ME/XP]
  • Knoesis Index Card - Project management software tool to help organize the research and windows writing of term papers, lectures, research projects and other academic windows projects.
  • Open Window Software - WinFlash flashcards, CBT and utility software for Windows computers or shareware PDA.
  • Roxie's Reading Fish - Preschool and elementary reading software. Learn to read shareware playing "Go educational Fish" with Roxie.
  • You 2 Software - Educational electronic flash card software for children and adults. Programs windows based for PC and PDA.
  • Student Scrambler - Software generates randomized classroom seating charts and lists, windows using teacher windows directed restrictions.

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