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A flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messaging system designed as a plugin-based system. Screenshots, download, plugins, documentation, FAQ, news.

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See Also:
  • Kiltdown - An open source mail client for UNIX.
  • KNode - A newsreader for KDE.
  • kShowmail - A small program to load mail from pop3 networking servers and message services display relevant header fields, complete mails, networking and some other stuff.
  • QIrc - A chat client coded using the QT libraries networking ver. 1.45.
  • KSalup - KSalup allows Linux users to receive and send kde popup messages message services to other computers on a local kde area network (LAN). KSalup message services is compatible with many kde other programs such as Microsoft Winpopup, message services Kurupop, Linpopup, kde Salup.
  • KXicq2 - An ICQ client for KDE2.
  • KRN - A KDE Newsreader
  • KMailCvt for KDE 2 - Now part of KDE itself, maintaining the separate message services package was stopped. This site shows the manpage message services for the program.
  • KPopup - A program, for sending and receiving Microsoft(tm) WinPopup messages.
  • KSendFax - Graphical utility to send faxes.
  • Kit AIM Client - A Messaging client for the AOL Instant Messenger.
  • KiT - Keep in Touch - An attempt to create a secure instant messenger.
  • KLassie - A Kicker Panel Applet to allow you to display how kde many email messages you have waiting.
  • KMail - A fully-featured email client that integrates into the networking K Desktop kde Environment.
  • xIrc - IRC Chat Client.
  • KImap - An E-Mail Client for KDE 1.X and the kde IMAP-Protcol.
  • KVIrc - A free Internet Relay Chat client for UNIX systems with networking X-Windows.
  • KSendmail - A management system for Sendmail, designed to make message services Sendmail administration tasks easy.
  • KMerlin - An IM (instant messaging) client for the MSN kde messenger network.
  • Konversation - A user friendly IRC Client for KDE3.x .
  • Konverse - A KDE-based Jabber client. Jabber is an open-source networking instant messaging networking protocol.
  • Kopete - A flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messaging kde system designed networking as a plugin-based system. Screenshots, download, kde plugins, documentation, FAQ, news.
  • KBiff - KBiff is a "biff" or new mail notification networking utility.
  • KNewMail - KNewMail is designed to check multiple email servers, kde including POP3, message services IMAP, and Local files for waiting kde mail and then notify message services the user of the kde waiting mail.
  • Kyim - An Instant Messenger for Yahoo Networks. It support message services basic networking connection to the Yahoo! Networks system, and message services connection through networking HTTP proxies. Screenshots, downloads, credits.
  • Licq - Licq is a multi-threaded ICQ clone with a networking Qt/KDE-Interface.

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