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A tool to execute a shell command from time to time and display the (numeric) output in a 2d graph

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See Also:
  • KLevel Heightfield Tool - A heighfield tool designed to mimic the commercially graphics available Leveller (by Daylon Graphics).
  • KPhotoAlbum - A tool to view and organize digital images.
  • Kalbum - An application that creates albums out of a desktop environments collection desktop environments of images.
  • KIOFoto - A KIO-Slave for the KDE-Konqueror to access the kde images of a digital camera. It is based kde on gphoto.
  • KDE Icon Edit - Create your own Icons!
  • Digikam - A KDE application which acts as a frontend kde to gphoto2 kde for photo downloads from a digital kde camera. News, overview, screenshots kde and software download.
  • Kallery - An image gallery generator for KDE.
  • KommPlot - A tool to execute a shell command from kde time to kde time and display the (numeric) output kde in a 2d graph
  • KSVG - An implementation of the World Wide Web Consortium\\'s desktop environments Scalable kde Vector Graphics recommendation. Designed as a plugin desktop environments for the kde Konqueror web browser. News, screenshots, current desktop environments status, credit, downloads kde and information how to help desktop environments with the project.
  • XGlobe - Displays the earth as seen from space on X desktop, desktop environments similar to xearth by Kirk Lauritz Johnson. [Open source, GPL]

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