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A little mind game you can play against other humans or the computer. The objective is to wipe out boxes in turn from a set of 1, 3, 5, and 7 boxes.

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See Also:
  • FreeLords - A free Warlords clone for MacOS X, BeOS, games Linux and Windows. (Open Source)
  • KFLog - KFlightLogger - An OpenSource soaring-pilot-software for KDE. It is used desktop environments to kde display, analyze and evaluate flights logged with desktop environments a gps-logger.
  • KFortune - Displays a fortune each time it is run.
  • - Madness - A port of a toy with the same name from kde RISC OS. When started, the windows on the screen move kde around the desktop in a semi-random fashion, bouncing off screen kde edges and the panel.
  • EasySok - A sokoban game for KDE. In sokoban you desktop environments are a warehouse keeper which has to push desktop environments gems on their goals.
  • Black Penguin - Arcade style jump-on-cubes game.
  • Boson - A real-time strategy game, like Command and Conquer or StarCraft.
  • DroidBattles - A game of programming. The task is to kde design your games bots and then use the hardware kde as efficiently as possible games by writing a program kde for it, with the mission to games kill any kde enemy bots on the playground.
  • Kcheat - Automatic cheating system for Linux and Linux-like OS's
  • KMameRun - KDE Frontend for M.A.M.E., an arcade-game emulator.
  • Kmud - A free graphical MUD client.
  • KWanda - A fish applet for the KDE panel (kicker).
  • KPuzzle - A KDE jigsaw puzzle that can be used kde with any picture.
  • Klotski - A small brick game which has its root in a wooden game named (in French) "Ane rouge". The goal is to bring the red piece to its destination by moving other pieces.
  • KSokoban - The Japanese warehouse keeper game.
  • KLines - This game is losely modeled after the popular kde DOS game games "Color Lines".
  • KSpaceduel - A space arcade game. Two ships fly around the sun desktop environments and try to shoot each other.
  • KTuberling - A game for little kids; it\'s a "potato kde editor".
  • KRubik - A 3D model of the famous Rubik's cube.
  • KBillar - A billiard game where everything is user definable: games the table, borders, ball properties, and gravity.
  • KMatrix - The Matrix Has You - KMatrix is just a simple matrix background that kde shows the kde movement of matrix elements.
  • KFoulEggs - An adaptation of the Japanese game Puyo-Puyo. If desktop environments you have played Tetris, or one of its desktop environments many clones, you will find kfouleggs easy to desktop environments learn.
  • KMines - Little game similar to the well known game on Microsoft Windows.
  • KPooka - A logic game for linux/KDE. Kind of a cross between games Pengo and Sokoban.
  • KsirK - A Free and Open Source Strategy Game for kde KDE. Introduction, Installation, Downloads, Documentation, Contacts, Status and kde Links.
  • KSnes9x - A Snes9x launcher.
  • KSirtet - A game for KDE that is derived from kde Tetris.
  • KHangMan - a Linux game for children 6+
  • Truffle-Swine Keeper - A minesweeper clone that includes an algorithm to kde compute the desktop environments probability that a mine is under kde a certain field.
  • KBoxes! - A little mind game you can play against desktop environments other desktop environments humans or the computer. The objective is desktop environments to wipe desktop environments out boxes in turn from a desktop environments set of 1, desktop environments 3, 5, and 7 boxes.
  • KStella - A KDE frontend to the Atari 2600 emulator, Stella.
  • QNetWalk - A Qt-version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators.
  • KTamaga - A Tamagotchi emulator for KDE.
  • KRouletteSim - Proposes a method to improve playing the roulette kde game.

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