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The popular game in which 2 pairs of equal stones must be removed from the batch. Goal of the game is to remove all stones from the layout as fast as possible.

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See Also:
  • Knights Chess Interface - A graphical chess interface written for the K games Desktop Environment. board games It\\'s designed to be both friendly games to new chess players board games and functional for Grand games Masters. News, description, downloads.
  • Kapitalist - A free clone of the famous Monopoly board game (by Charles Darrow, 1933) for Linux and other Unices. It is a server-client game, the client is written for the KDE desktop environment.
  • KCheckers - The homepage of KCheckers, the KDE version of the classic games boardgame "checkers". This game also is known as "draughts". Provides games News about the game, a screenshot and downloads of source- games and binary-versions.
  • Dick Board Games - Dick is a utility library for board based games games based on alpha-beta algorithm (minimax with cutoffs). games Includes a description, a forum, a FAQ and games software downloads.
  • Kvirus - A clone of the board game Ataxxlet (known as Virus kde War in Korea).
  • Qleuren - A Qt-based MasterMind clone with an user-interface that tries to board games look and feel like a real-world board game.
  • QUB - The Q Universal Boardgame
  • KMahjongg - The popular game in which 2 pairs of board games equal kde stones must be removed from the batch. board games Goal of kde the game is to remove all board games stones from the kde layout as fast as possible.
  • bacKgammon - A backgammon program for KDE.
  • KnightCap - A learning chess program for KDE.
  • KMastermind - A simple colour-guessing game for KDE. It\\'s written games in C++ kde using Qt/Kde.

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