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A bash script to make the task of updating the kde sources, configuring, making, installing all packages as easy and unattended as possible.

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See Also:
  • Contributed Qt widgets - List a number of submitted widgets for downloading development that can be included in applications.
  • Why program for KDE? - An article that lists reasons why programming for KDE is good.
  • Developer Faq - A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about development developing for KDE.
  • KDE Studio - An IDE (integrated development environment) for the K desktop environments Desktop Environment.
  • Python and KDE Tutorial - A tutorial describing how to program Python for KDE.
  • Korelib - A cross-platform library for plugin-based applications.
  • DataWidget - Lets you connect your Qt Widgets to an ODBC Database.
  • KlassModeler - A tool for visually creating and documenting classes.
  • Cervisia - Graphical front end for CVS client.
  • KDE Web Dev dot Org - Home of the kdewebdev module application pages. Those desktop environments applications development include Quanta Plus, Kommander, KXSL Debug, KImageMapEditor, desktop environments KFileReplace, Kallery. development Short description of the projects.
  • kwindrose - A library that provides a compass like widget that allows development to enter an angle between 0 to 360 degrees.
  • kspline - A library that provides spline functions.
  • The KDE Source Repository - A web interface for the KDE SVN repositories development provided by development KDE.
  • KDEPrint - Slides from a presentation describing the interals of development the KDE desktop environments Print system. Available as HTML Pages development and as downloadable KPresenter desktop environments file.
  • KDE on Cygwin - A port of Qt and KDE to Windows, desktop environments using kde Cygwin, the POSIX emulation layer for Windows, desktop environments the xfree86 kde server and the qt library.
  • VeePee - Python Support for GNOME and KDE Applications.
  • Ktk - Allows applications written with Tcl/Tk to behave like kde KDE application.
  • KDbg - A graphical debugger interface to gdb, the GNU debugger. It development provides an intuitive interface for setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, and development stepping through code. Offers downloads, a mailing list, a wish development list and screenshots and tips and tricks.
  • KDBC - KDBC is an ODBC based class library closely kde related to development the JDBC.
  • KCacheGrind - Visual support for the cachegrind skin of the memory analyzer development Valgrind. Overview, news, screenshots, changelog, download, documentation, FAQ.
  • Toolkit Comparison - Compares the same program, Klotski, written in Gtk, Qt and kde PyQT. Descriptions, code samples, tables, statistics, humor. [Open Source]
  • KBasic - Provides an implementation of the "Basic" programming language desktop environments for development KDE. Describes the programming language as well desktop environments as available development and planned applications to support it desktop environments in KDE.
  • KDEPrint Developer Tutorial - A tutorial for application developers that explains how desktop environments to development include print support in KDE Applications.
  • PyQt/PyKDE - Python Bindings for Qt and KDE.
  • KDE Developer Centre - A collection of links, guides, tools and tips.
  • KBabel - An advanced and easy to use PO-file (gnu gettext message development catalogs) editor.
  • KProf - A visual tool for developers that displays the development execution profiling desktop environments output generated by code profilers.
  • VisKprog - A programming language for KDE.
  • KDevelop RPM-package for the SuSE-distribution - KDevelop RPM-package for the SuSE-distribution
  • K PHP Develop - An integrated Web development tool, something like MS Interdev.
  • KDevelop - Provides an easy to use Integrated Development Environment development for Unix/X11 with support for KDE related development.
  • KDE Studio Gold - KDE Studio Gold is a commercial release of development the Open desktop environments Source KDE Studio project.
  • EBuilder - A GUI builder for the Qt library.
  • kde-cvsbuild shell script - A bash script to make the task of updating the development kde sources, configuring, making, installing all packages as easy and development unattended as possible.
  • VisualQT - Visual Qt is RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. desktop environments It helps programmer in constructing GUI interfaces based desktop environments on QT and KDE libraries.
  • KDE Developer - Contains information about developing for KDE.
  • KDE Source Cross Reference - Cross-referenced KDE source browsing. Online access to the desktop environments CVS development tree of the KDE Development source code.
  • RARS - RARS is the Robot Auto Racing Simulation, in which desktop environments the drivers are robot programs. It is intended as a desktop environments competition among programmers.
  • Kreslitko - A simple library/application that makes you able to write sequential kde code even if you want to create graphic applications under kde X-Windows.
  • Kconfigure - A KDE program to compile sources packages without kde the xterm or console.
  • KAppTemplate - The KDE Application Generator. Generates the basic directory and file structure for a KDE development project.
  • Developer Journals - A Weblog of KDE-Developers around current development work.
  • KRegExpEditor - A number of screen dumps of the Regular kde Expression widget development that is currently developed for KDE.
  • - KDE development tutorials and software developed by Rik Hemsley (rikkus). kde Contains tutorials for widget styles, kwin styles, multithreading with KDE kde and for porting KDE.
  • Reuse Patterns for KDE Applications - Includes a huge list of applications and classes to select desktop environments useful parts for own applications. Over 100 KDE applications desktop environments were data mined to identify reuse patterns involving Qt/KDE classes. desktop environments Also shows reuse diagnostics for individual applications in the
  • KDOC - A C++ and IDL Class Documentation Tool used kde to create KDE Documentation.

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