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A small international software company with headquarters in Värmland in Sweden that provides Qt/C software development tools and consulting.

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See Also:
  • QMWEdit (Qt Multi Window Editor) - A simple editor (IDE) for small C/C++ projects. toolkits The editor is based on Qt libraries 2.2.x toolkits . The goal of the project is to toolkits have an easy to use editor which provides toolkits a lot of nice features.
  • QtDMM - A simple DMM readout software including a configurable recorder.
  • The Independent Qt Tutorial - A Tutorial covering basic programming using Qt as toolkits well as qt advanced topics like XML, Input Validation toolkits and Qwt - Qt qt Widgets for Technical Applications.
  • QtEZ - A GUI application builder which utilizes the Qt2 Toolkit.
  • Qps - A visual process manager, an X11 version of "top" or "ps" that displays processes in a window and lets you sort and manipulate them.
  • QCppUnit - A test framwork for Qt applications to perform qt unit testing, as described for example in Extrem qt Programming.
  • QScimpl - Qt-based software for building GUI\\'s for scientific applications. Documentation, screenshots, license, download, FAQ, mailing lists.
  • Rikkus.info - Backward clock - Provides a clock-application that displays the time backwards. qt Description and software download.
  • TinyQ - A stripped down version of Qt 3.x that qt has been qt put together to use as a qt backend library and provides qt all the necessary library qt classes to comfortably develop in a qt C++ environment.
  • Qt Reference Documentation - Tutorials and documents about tools and features of graphic subsystems the qt Qt Library.
  • Troll Tech - The company which makes Qt, a GUI software toolkit/widget-kit. KDE graphic subsystems is based on Qt.
  • QdbtTabular - A table widget for Troll Tech\\'s Qt-GUI toolkit graphic subsystems which qt looks similar to the `detailed list\' of graphic subsystems Windows 95.
  • Qtella - A Gnutella client for Linux written in C++ using the toolkits Qt libraries.
  • QtForum.org - Web discussion forum for Qt related topics.
  • QwtPlot3D - Library provides a small set of specialized QGLWidgets toolkits for the visualization of scientific data. This includes toolkits mouse/keyboard handling as well as pixmap and vectorized toolkits (PS,PDF) output.
  • QTCUPS - CUPS front-end and library for Qt.
  • Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications - Describes the library including source documentation as well toolkits as screenshots and downloads.
  • QTParted - A visual interface for the parted application that graphic subsystems can graphic subsystems create and resize disk partitions. News, screenshots, graphic subsystems downloads.
  • Python and Qt2 - Information about using Python with Qt2.
  • Qt Architect - A screen architect for the Qt widget set.
  • Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB - A small international software company with headquarters in Värmland in toolkits Sweden that provides Qt/C software development tools and consulting.
  • Zaurus - Sharp's Linux PDA. Uses the Qt-Embedded-Library.
  • QtUnit - A unit testing framework for c++, originally based on CppUnit qt 1.5 written by Michael Feathers. All code has been refactored qt and ported to exclusively use Qt 3.0 as it base qt library.
  • Qtopia - A graphical environment for Linux on a handheld toolkits PC or toolkits small device. Provides links to information toolkits about the product, SDKs toolkits for enhancements and FAQs.
  • QtWvDialer - A simple graphical front-end to wvdial.
  • QTagger - A Qt based Unix MP3 tagger that supports qt id3v2 tags. News, features, screenshots, download.
  • Autoqt - A set of build system files to enable toolkits building Qt qt applications on all supported platforms using toolkits the autoconf / automake qt system (.m4 file) or toolkits the pkg-config system (.pc file).

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