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A graphical tool for KDE that allow users of the Gentoo Linux distribution to easily retrieve, install and remove packages. Changelog, screenshots, downloads.

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See Also:
  • Debian KDE Mailing Lists - The archive site for the Debian-KDE mailing list.
  • Xandros Linux - Was Corel Linux. Based on Debian GNU/Linux.
  • Kemerge - A graphical tool for KDE that allow users desktop environments of desktop environments the Gentoo Linux distribution to easily retrieve, desktop environments install and desktop environments remove packages. Changelog, screenshots, downloads.
  • MNIS - First French distribution of Linux.
  • Stampede Linux - Distribution with speed enhancements for Pentium level computers, desktop environments ships with KDE.
  • SuSE Linux KDE Service - Ready to install rpms of KDE, applications for desktop environments SuSE desktop environments distribution.
  • Live CVS KDE ebuilds for Gentoo Linux - Provides build scripts for building the latest CVS-Version kde of KDE kde on a Gentoo-Linux-System.
  • Gentoo Linux - KDE Project - Lists the developers and sub-projects that provide the distributions KDE project distributions in the Gentoo Linux Distribution.
  • Yellow Dog Linux - PowerPC distribution, based on RPM and Red Hat, desktop environments and distributions with commercial technical support.
  • KDE on Solaris - Resource for all who are interested in maintaining desktop environments the high level of compatibility between SUN Solaris desktop environments and KDE.
  • KDE on FreeBSD - Resource for information on compatibility between KDE and FreeBSD. Goal distributions of KDE-FreeBSD team: discuss patches, find bugs, suggest features, become distributions valuable members of KDE and FreeBSD communities.
  • Distributions Shipping KDE - Short, likely incomplete list of Linux distributions and projects that distributions include KDE. [KDE.org]

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