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Signed i586 RPMs built by well-known community member James Ogley, available as direct downloads and apt repositories. Also find personal information, links, and a weblog.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise* - Novell-owned Germany-based distribution. Find official news releases, links, and corporate information.

  • SUSEroot - Information for new users and those interested in trying this distributions distribution. Find installation help, tutorials, news, and advocacy information.
  • PackMan.Links2Linux - Large collection of categorized i386 RPMs for recent versions of linux this distribution. English and German content.
  • Unofficial SuSE FAQ - Information, tutorials, and other community-created support. Find suse related links distributions and information on how to contribute.
  • OpenSUSE - Official website for the community-driven, open-development version of suse this distro. suse Find information on participation, bug suse reporting procedure, and downloads.
  • Houghi's Experience - News, reviews, and guides. Find links to popular software linux downloads and other community resources.
  • SUSE Linux Professional Cool Solutions - Novell\\'s collection of unsupported tips, tutorials, news, and linux reviews intended suse for customers who have purchased this linux distribution\\'s "Professional" version. suse Most content will also linux apply to free versions.
  • Apt for SuSE - Instructions, support, and RPM repositories for apt4rpm, an alternative to stock software update methods.
  • Guru's RPM Site - A large collection of compiled software packages. Find packages available for several recent SUSE versions, an apt repository, and YaST source.
  • SUSE Linux - Links, news, downloads, and detailed feature information. Also details distributions about software packages included with recent and future versions of distributions this distribution.
  • GBV RPMs - Collection of compiled software packages for recent versions of this suse distribution.
  • Yahoo Groups: SUSE - Collection of electronic mailing lists about this distro. Topics often include troubleshooting, news, and tips. Some groups may require free registration.
  • - Unofficial forums for the community-driven version of this distribution. distributions Topics include support for installation, networking, and hardware.
  • KDE RPMs for SuSE - Selection of compiled software packages for the 7.X and 8.0 linux versions of this distribution.
  • RPMs For SuSE - RPMs for the 8.x series of this distribution.
  • SUSE Wiki - Community-edited resource with tutorials, guides, and other general suse information related distributions to this distribution.
  • SUSE 9.3 Multimedia - Information and instructions for playing audio and visual files on suse this distribution. Emphasis on the 9.3 version tasked as suse a dedicated media player.
  • SuSE Forums - Community for users to discuss this distribution, seek linux peer support, and offer advice.
  • SuSELinuxSupport - Unofficial, community-driven support site. Primary resource is the forum, linux but also contains tutorials, FAQs, downloads, and links.
  • usr local bin - Signed i586 RPMs built by well-known community member suse James Ogley, linux available as direct downloads and apt suse repositories. Also find linux personal information, links, and suse a weblog.
  • Novell Gives SUSE Pro To Community - Explains some details about Novell creating a community-driven linux version of linux this distro called openSUSE. Official linux quotes from Novell and linux comparison to similar Red linux Hat/Fedora Core project.
  • SUSE Linux Portal - Official support; register commercial products, request support services, suse find contact information, and search the support database. suse English and German versions.
  • Fou4s - A lightweight alternative to YaST Online Update. suse Find downloads, linux mailing list, screenshots, and installation instructions.
  • SUSE Linux Rants - Weblog offering tips, news, and personal opinions about this distro. Written by Scott Morris, the editor of Novell\'s Linux-related CoolSolutions.
  • Official FTP Server - Anonymous server where visitors can download the latest distributions versions of distributions officially supported software.
  • openSUSE: Hardware - Official searchable database of hardware known to work with this suse distribution. German and English versions.
  • Planet SuSE - Collection of blogs written by this distribution\\'s developers and community distributions members. Topics include news, personal events, current projects, and distributions Linux tips.

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