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This category is for Linux distributions that are optimised for multiple countries or for people who speak languages other than English.

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  • MNIS - Debian metadistribution, fully configured KDE and added software: linux RTLinux, French distributions Netscape, simplified installation in French. First linux French firm to make distributions a distribution in France, linux technical support, assistance to use open distributions source software linux in hard realtime u
  • Shabdix GNU/Linux - First Iranian GNU/Linux distribution, live CD, Knoppix- based. international English, Farsi. [Chapar Shabdiz Ltd.]
  • Transmeta Exports Midori Linux to China - Firm known for its Crusoe processor signs deal linux with Chinese international 2000 Holdings to use Transmeta\\'s Midori linux version of Linux in international mobile and embedded devices. linux Two firms plan to target markets international in China, linux Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan. [The Register]
  • Bad Penguin - Italian distribution from scratch, begun 1996 on 4 floppy disks, grew big (2 CD-ROMs), then shrunk down to a few packages for business card CD-ROMs; descriptions, documents, downloads, author information. English, Italian.
  • Boten GNU/Linux - Distribution mainly for home and new Linux users, fully localized linux Hebrew environment: install procedure and GUI.

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