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By Robert Storey. "I can think of no better way to tempt your Windows-addicted friends to try Linux than to hand them a Knoppix disk."

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Knoppix* - The official site - with information, links to download sites and CD vendors.

  • Xenoppix - Customized variant which includes Xen virtual machine and knoppix some guest OSes. As well as the download, knoppix there are tips and instructions.
  • Knoppix Review - By Robert Storey. "I can think of no linux better way linux to tempt your Windows-addicted friends to linux try Linux than to linux hand them a Knoppix linux disk."
  • Knoppix Linux - Wiki based documentation, bug reporting, and discussion forums.
  • KnoppiXMAME - A bootable CD/DVD for playing MAME games. Download and development information.
  • Interview with Klaus Knopper of Knoppix - By Alexander Antoniades. 4 parts, treates many areas, distributions some humor, linux 30 forum comments. []
  • Knoppix-MiB - Privacy edition. With screenshot, documentation and ISO download.
  • A Review of Knoppix - Feature at OSNews.
  • Interview with Klaus Knopper, Creator of Knoppix - By Ladislav Bodnar. Short-medium length, treates several areas, knoppix some humor. [DistroWatch]

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