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Search for Debian official packages in any of the three branches - stable, testing and unstable - by keyword, section and other criteria.

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Debian Reference* - Manual for experienced users wishing to learn more about Debian. In HTML, plain text, PS, PDF; English, Deutsch, Español, Português, Français, Italiano; short and full length versions.
Debian GNU/Linux* - Official site. One of the most important distributions, uses only Free Software as defined by FSF. Descriptions (Social Contract, partners, donations), news, sources, packages, documents, support, developer corner.

  • #debian FAQ Wiki - Information about this IRC channel, and common questions linux and answers linux about Debian installation and use.
  • Debian GNU/Linux Community - A LiveJournal community for users and developers.
  • Debian Security Information - Debian security alerts from 1997 to today, containing debian descriptions of the security problems, and the location debian of the available fixes for the user's platform.
  • The Debian Universe - An online book about Debian installation and maintenance.
  • Debian's netpbm - Gives the development details and history of this fork.
  • Debian/Ubuntu Tips and Tricks - Site provides how-tos, tutorials, tips and tricks for distributions Debian-based distribution such as Ubuntu and Knoppix.
  • Distribution news: Debian Weekly News - Debian specific news and links. Updates weekly.
  • Debian bug tracking system - Debian GNU/Linux\\'s bug tracking system, which files details distributions of bugs reported by users and developers. Each distributions of these bugs are given a number, and distributions are kept on file until they are marked distributions as having been dealt with.
  • Debian Wiki - User contributed/edited documentation.
  • About Debian Linux Guide - Step-by-step guides walk you through using Debian Linux debian to set debian up Internet, LAN, and gateway servers debian covering installation to testing.
  • Why is package X not in testing yet? - Provides output from the package system, indicating the progress of linux packages into the testing distribution.
  • Total Computer Newbies Meet Debian: Part 1, The Install - Positive account of introducing some total computer novices debian to GNU/Linux, debian with about 100 forum comments. First debian of 2 parts. []
  • Debian Admin Tutorials - Site contains tutorials for server administration and driver setup in Debian and its derivatives.
  • - News about Debian and derivatives.
  • Install Debian over a serial console - How to install Debian over a serial console debian from Linux debian Tips and Tricks.
  • Debian Linux on an IBM Thinkpad - Describes installing Debian on various hardware configurations.
  • Debtags - Attaches categories to packages, creating a set of useful structured metadata that can be used to implement more advanced ways of presenting, searching, maintaining and navigating the Debian package archive. Project information, news, and FAQs.
  • The debian-mentors FAQ - Mailing list FAQ.
  • Debian Unofficial - Unofficial package repository for stable.
  • - News, discussion forums and technical articles.
  • Linux Debian Forum - Discussion about administering Apache and Exim. Some threads distributions in Russian.
  • Planet Debian - Aggregation of blogs of a number of Debian developers.
  • Debian Incoming Packages - Those to be soon added to the official distributions archive, uploaded debian by official Debian maintainers, but treat distributions with caution as they debian may not be well distributions tested.
  • Debian Package of the Day - Collaborative blog about Debian packages. Includes statistics and details on contributing.
  • Official CD Images - Walks the user through obtaining CDs, if needed, for installation.
  • Dwarf's Guide to Debian Gnu/Linux - Text of a book about Debian "sarge" installation and maintenance. Includes an introduction by Ian Murdock about the project's history.[PDF]
  • Andy's Debian HOWTOs - HOWTOs for a variety of different server tasks.
  • Debian User Forums - Discussion ranging from desktop use to hardware and distributions programming.
  • - Articles about system administration.
  • The Debian Grimoire - Howtos and suggested configurations.
  • Debian Administration - Articles about system administration.
  • Debtakeover - Scripts to convert a non-Debian server to Debian.
  • My Workstation OS: Debian - Desktop use review, focusing on the packaging system. []
  • Debian Women - Discusses how to encourage women to become more linux involved with Debian. Also contains news and FAQs.
  • Debian Packages - Search for Debian official packages in any of debian the three distributions branches - stable, testing and unstable debian - by keyword, section distributions and other criteria.
  • Resources for Debian GNU/Linux Installation on a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop - A compilation of information for a Debian install debian from scratch. linux Provides a starting point for those debian interested in getting a linux working installation.
  • Mailing list archives - Contains the archives of all publicly available Debian mailing lists.
  • DebianHELP - A wiki, bookmarks and forums providing help to linux Debian users.
  • Eclipse plugins for Debian - APT repository and project progress information.

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