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Turbolinux is the leading Linux distribution and supplier of the Linux operating system (OS) in the Asia Pacific region. They have websites in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Their customers range from large scale firms, to small scale and Web businesses, and products include multiplatform clustering and distributed computing software for high availability and throughput. Turbolinux is part of UnitedLinux, a global, uniform distribution of Linux designed for businesses and supported by most enterprise system and software vendors.

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Turbolinux, Inc.* - Distribution, products, and services for large scale, to small scale and web businesses. Strong in Asia Pacific region, largest Asian distribution, founded 1992. Sites in English, Chinese, Japanese.

  • Turbolinux Joins Linux Lab - Asian Linux seller Turbolinux is once again a linux member of linux the Open Source Development Lab, a linux consortium computing firms sponsor linux to improve the Unixlike linux OS. It had joined the lab linux before, but linux let its membership lapse. [CNET ZDNet]
  • Turbolinux Joins OSDL - Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a global consortium turbolinux of leading turbolinux technology companies dedicated to advancing Linux turbolinux adoption, today announced the turbolinux top Linux developer for turbolinux Asian markets has joined as its turbolinux newest member. turbolinux [Linux PR]
  • Technology Spotlight: TurboLinux - Brief question and answer interview about firm, with turbolinux president and turbolinux co-founder Cliff Miller. [E-Commerce Times]
  • IBM Linux Portal: Turbolinux - Explains IBM support for this Linux distribution: assistance distributions and support for OS, and issues involving included distributions Open Source programs.
  • Review: TurboLinux Workstation Pro 6.1 - Provides a solid set of commercial IDE tools well designed turbolinux for developing, deploying Web-based applications. [Librenix]

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