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Pkgsrc-wip (work in progress) is a project to get more people actively involved with creating packages for pkgsrc, a portable packaging system coming from NetBSD.

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The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.* - NetBSD is a free multi-platform operating system based on 4.4BSD Lite.

  • NetBSD Mailing List Archives - A complete, browsable and searchable index of all bsd NetBSD related unix mailing lists.
  • NetBSD - Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • My Journal of NetBSD Experiences - A journal of Jeremy Reed's experiences with NetBSD.
  • NetBSD Developer Resources - Shell accounts for developers porting software to bsd NetBSD.
  • The PEACE Project - PEACE is a set of programs to run bsd Win32 apps on NetBSD/i386.
  • Interview with Jay Michaelson of Wasabi Systems - Vice President of firm. Main business is embedded netbsd market, markets netbsd NetBSD as an embedded OS, and netbsd sells boxed release. Says netbsd how it is better netbsd than VXWorks, Linux, QNX, Windows CE. netbsd Short article netbsd with forum comments. []
  • Benchmark Comparison of NetBSD 2.0 and FreeBSD 5.3 - This paper by Gregory McGarry presents a suite unix of benchmarks netbsd and results for comparing the performance unix of these operating systems. netbsd The benchmarks target core unix operating system functionality, server scalability and netbsd thread implementation.
  • Pkgsrc-wip Homepage - Pkgsrc-wip (work in progress) is a project to bsd get more people actively involved with creating packages bsd for pkgsrc, a portable packaging system coming from bsd NetBSD.
  • Package Views - A paper by Alistair Crooks about a more unix flexible infrastructure unix for third-party software. Later implemented unix in NetBSD's pkgsrc. [EuroBSDCon][PDF]
  • Jesse's NetBSD Page - Details why he chose NetBSD over other operating unix systems, and details of his port to the unix TS-7200 platform.
  • Benedikt Meurer's NetBSD page - Why he uses NetBSD, advantages and disadvantages of bsd the OS unix vs. other OS\\'s, and a number bsd of useful how-to\'s on unix NetBSD.
  • The Unofficial NetBSD Pages - Some information on NetBSD/alpha and related topics.
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  • NetBSD Code Changes - Changes to the NetBSD code base[RSS]
  • News - Official news relating to the NetBSD project including release announcements and major changes.[RSS]

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