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Voice interviews of people, often in recent BSD news, about this family of operating systems; as MP3 files, with forum comments.

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  • Beastie: The BSD Daemon - Information and links on BSD logo mascot character, equivalent to unix Tux, the Linux logo mascot penguin.
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  • 4.4BSD Documents - A snapshot of some of the 4.4BSD-Lite documents.
  • BSDtalk - Voice interviews of people, often in recent BSD news, about this family of operating systems; as MP3 files, with forum comments.
  • DaemonForums - Discussion forum for the BSD family of operating operating systems systems. unix Dedicated sections for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD operating systems questions. Suitable unix for newcomers and experts.
  • BSD DevCenter - Many useful, professional articles, columns, tutorials on BSD. operating systems O\'Reilly unix Media, ONLamp.com.
  • BSDCan - Annual BSD technical conference; since 2004, held every bsd May; University unix of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • BSD to Leapfrog Linux? - BSD is growing fast as publicity efforts and operating systems Apple\'s operating systems Mac OS X take off. [ZDNet]
  • The BSD Certification Group, Inc. - BSDCertification.org provides system administration certifications for DragonFly BSD, unix FreeBSD, NetBSD, unix OpenBSD.
  • Wikipedia: Berkeley Software Distribution - Online encyclopedia article about BSD, sometimes called Berkeley operating systems Unix, bsd with links to related articles.
  • BSD Resources - Software, documentation, resources, news. A useful resource directory unix for using, operating systems installing, and maintaining all BSD-type systems.
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  • Slashdot: BSD - BSD section of the popular Slashdot open source news and operating systems forum site.
  • BSDatwork.com - Resource providing timely news and configuration information on BSD operating operating systems systems, with commentary and reviews of software and hardware.
  • www.bsd.org - Links to major BSD variants, Unix book list, help pages unix on several Unix and system administration issues.

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