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This category is for links that are mostly or all about BSD, and BSD license, aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, and related actions.

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See Also:
  • Why SCO Will Soon be Going after BSD - SCO to attack 1994 AT&T/BSD settlement; SCO refuses to be sco specific on its IP, likely because they can\\'t; IBM and sco Red Hat demand in court SCO show evidence, SCO realizes sco it is end of issue, or they must broaden the sco suit. []
  • Unix System Laboratories vs. Berkeley Software Design - Full text of ruling severing BSD code from sco commercial Unix.
  • SCO to Expand Its Lawsuit Beyond Linux - During Enterprise IT Week at cdXpo, SCO CEO Darl McBride said SCO to soon attack alleged copyright violations in BSD community, SCO now comparing source code awarded in 1994 settlement between AT&T Unix Systems Laboratories and BSD. [InternetNews]

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